Urgent Last Day, keep a vital independent voice in Congress

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Dennis Kucinich For Congress: Won’t Back Down (video)

‘Dump Dennis?’ An ad targeting Rep. Kucinich has some dubious claims


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2 thoughts on “Urgent Last Day, keep a vital independent voice in Congress

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  2. Thanks for keeping up the coverage of the scandalous crimes against Dennis, and his precarious predicament in his home district (and after he did all that hard work on the hard road on their behalf!).

    If there is any redeeming value to the indellibly diseased red-state of Ohio…

    (besides excellent barns made of the ancient , giant, irreplaceable hardwood trees that once covered the place, but which the Ohio settlers managed to completely eradicate, within a few years, before they rolled on over into Indiana, to ‘logroll’ the very largest Tulip Poplars in the land into piles to burn, also eradicating and extincting every last ancient, giant tree in that state as well, and westward, ho… but before they became the filthy industrial spewers that they are now, Ohioans were generally religious-fanatical holler-dwellers streaming out of the appalachian mountains, where they had completely denuded the place down almost to the coal-seams– that very coal seam which the impoverished remainder of the Hatfields & McCoys now aid and abet for minimum wage at best, Giant Coal in blowing up and chopping down the very mountains themselves, so soon Appalachia will be a toxic, treeless extension of the great plains… sorry for my digressive twisting of history, but you get the idea—I don’t much like the culture that populated this virgin land to say the least– least of all red-staters… I think the entire region is riddled with some very strange traditions of greed and graft, hence our current hell, but then just about every scrap of the USA is populated with these very same red-stated, fundamentalist macho, Paul=Bunion cowboy-wannabes who categorically detest progress so much it’s fairly oozing out of their eyes and dripping from their missing teeth… But kudos to the old-time W. Virginians for resisting the insidious disease of slavery, if they could take a stand then, well “What’s the Matter With Kansas” NOW??)…

    then indeed Dennis will win and the very last human alive in all of Congress will prevail!

    Imagine that, Dennis Kucinich, the very last human alive in Congress. A precarious position of progress indeed.

    Red-staters don’t much like humans, but they love their gunz more than life itself (“…from their cold, dead hands”) so I worry about him there in Cleveland– But for some reason he loves Clevelanders, and Ohioans, so if he can find love even for the sooty slime that inhabit the once-pristine but now red-state stain of Ohio, then he has a larger heart than mine.

    Hoping once he’s won, that we can get back to impeaching, trying, and impaling on sticks each and every member of this administration, along with each and every member of Congress who voted for and continued to vote for, this horrific war-crime.

    Each and every troop who enlisted and illegally followed orders to participate in this ‘Turkey shoot’ as they like to call it, will make excellent kindling for the giant funerary pyre, as we burn every single last one of these horrific killers down, and spread their ashes on the barren land they left and hope it will fertilize the soil for the future of life on earth. (All figuratively speaking of course, locking them all in zoos to be kept alive only for spare parts is also good).

    Then we can start over with a new breed of american, with Dennis Kucinich as our founding father.

    Now THAT would be an America worth fighting for!

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