Dennis Kucinich’s Media Fight by John Nichols

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by John Nichols
The Nation

Ohio voters head to the polls for a primary election Tuesday, and that can mean only one thing: The Cleveland Plain Dealer is griping about Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

There is nothing new, nor anything wrong, with newspapers holding members of Congress to account.

In fact, it would be good if more did so.

But the Plain Dealer, the uber-dominant daily newspaper in the city and its suburbs since the folding a quarter century ago of the feisty Cleveland Press, is not exactly holding the congressman to account. Rather, it is looking for every opportunity to put a former mayor, with whom it has sparred for decades, in his place.

The Plain Dealer’s penchant for pounding on Kucinich has little to do with the congressman’s failed presidential bids or his current advocacy on behalf of changing U.S. foreign policy, restoring a measure of balance to our trade policies or impeaching members of the Bush-Cheney administration for high crimes and misdemeanors.



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2 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich’s Media Fight by John Nichols

  1. From further down on this:

    “Only after meeting and interviewing the former mayor did I come to the conclusion that what the Plain Dealer and many other Ohio media outlets saw as instability was a rare commodity in that state’s stilted politics: a principled determination to stand against entrenched power, even at great political expense”.

    It’s time for NO MORE COMPROMISES. Politics that compromises with abusive business and warmongers is not compromise, it’s complicity.

    Dennis knows where the baseline is beyond which there is nothing left to discuss, and for that he’s a visionary gift of courage and incorruptible scruples.

    Anyone from Cleveland’s 10th district (where, based on some of the comments to this in the original, I never, ever want to set foot), is just absurd, a shyster, a shill.

    Anyone from his district who complains about Dennis and his actions at the national level, is intentionally, and clearly corruptly ignoring the fact that his district has spent a billion dollars on this war. These shills clearly don’t care about the schools, roads, services, all the things that the money could have bought for that district. Dennis was doing the work of his constituency like no other congressman has during the tenure of this administration, not even our own Rep. Hinchey, nor any of the other ‘liberal’ reps of districts around NY. And he’s doing it all from within a hideous swath of red-state bible-belted believers in corrupt greed, violence and graft.

    We would be only too glad to have Dennis Kucinich fight for us here, but unfortunately for us he seems to like Cleveland (and not for the Kielbasa, he’s Vegan).

    I so miss seeing Dennis in the news, ever since this attack pulled him out of the presidential race where his national fight for Cleveland was the fight for us all, the national political news has been devoid of any spark of light.

    Luckily these liars who attack him, shills for Cleveland business interests, will have wasted their ill-gotten wealth, as Dennis will of course, win.

    The Cleveland Plain Dealer needs to be boycotted. As a business man, I call their bluff– anyone in business who works against the basic needs and rights of workers for their own ill-gotten gain, needs to be boycotted and shut down. It is a prerequisite of being in business that those who work for you get the rights and requirements which were so hard won. People who think otherwise should move to china and run sweatshops, and see exactly where we were before the exploitative industrial system in this country was reformed.


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