“Global War on Terror” is a Delusional Fantasy (videos)

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Mar 4, 2008

Here goes the “War on Terror Delusion” segment from my Neocon Wars film project.

Surely not everyone out there cares a whole lot to hear Ron Paul speak, nor would everyone have the time and patience to sit thru the entire 102 minute saga in front of a PC desk. But this short portion of the film is the most crucial. And its not even just Ron Paul arguing ‘his’ position, instead it mainly focuses around the conclusions and statements of Michael Scheuer (former head of the CIA’s Osama Bin Laden Unit), Robert A. Pape (worlds leading expert on Suicide Terrorism; Paul’s foreign policy advisor), and Chalmers Johnson (former CIA Advisor; a leading expert on American Imperialism) who are all highly credible people.

Other than trying to contribute to the campaign, the film project had 2 primary goals:
1. Expose American Imperialism.
2. Completely destroy the notion of the “War on Terror”.

Well this segment does both unequivocally:

21 min 42 sec – Feb 29, 2008

(video unavailable)


In this 2 minute clip you can hear Bush & Friends admit over and over that it isn’t even about getting Osama:

Romney-Neocons: It isn’t about getting Osama


(video unavailable)

Download it in FULL quality via Bitorrent:

Download the tiny torrent file from whichever site and then open it with Azureus:

Note the current full version film was a rushed “Primaries Edition Workprint” release. 1 or 2 other versions will be released in the future after I get some other projects done.


Neocon Wars: More than just a Ron Paul video/Star Wars parody By Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

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  1. Sigh,,,
    Simple question for ya.
    Aren’t you glad America overwhelmingly acts in her own interest? Isnt that what we’re supposed to do?

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