I and Thou: The Road of Jewish Anti-Zionism by Chris Floyd

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Note: please read the entire post by Chris Floyd, it’s very well worth your time.  ~ Lo

by Chris Floyd
Empire Burlesque
Tuesday, 04 March 2008

It is of course a sad fact that many people who call themselves “anti-Zionists” are, when you peel back enough layers, actually racists who hate Jews in general, and ascribe any sinister acts perpetrated by individual Jewish people or organizations to some sort of racial, genetic or cultural taint that pervades the entire group. I’ve gotten emails from many such folks over the years, who begin the exchange with justified blasts at war criminals like Paul Wolfowitz and Ariel Sharon and end up with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (a wholesale, often word-for-word re-write by the Tsarist security services of a French satirical novel that had nothing to do with Jews), Rothschilds under the bed, the whole schmeer.

Yet it is equally true that many people are, genuinely, anti-Zionist, with no quotation marks required, and no secret hatreds simmering beneath the surface. And a great many of these anti-Zionists are Jews. In fact, as is well known, some of the most vigorous and unflinching denunciations of Israel’s horrendous policies — recently on savage display in Gaza — are leveled by Jews.



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4 thoughts on “I and Thou: The Road of Jewish Anti-Zionism by Chris Floyd

  1. Great quote.

    I so agree about the soldiers. Truly if we are to have world peace we must choose not to be soldiers, and if already a soldier, then choose not to fight any longer. Israeli soldiers just like Amerikan ones are speaking out. We must give them our support.

    I tried reading Buber several years ago and it was over my head. I may try to read it again.

  2. Israeli soldiers must emerge into the light, and refuse militarism, as our soldiers here must as well, or it will not stop (My uneducated theory…)

    I’ve not read Buber, but my father looks a bit like him~ that generation was into roots-related transitional thinkers, etc.

    But if he’s not an easy read for you, imagine me with a real book! If ever you do get through it, I’d be glad to check out the cliffs notes version on Dandelion Salad~

    Guess we’re the real cultists, strange individuals wounded by war even if by and against others.

    “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.” — Elie Wiesel

  3. Thanks, Natureboy, I didn’t know you were Jewish, too. Good for you in speaking out. All of us Jews need to be doing this en masse.

    Have you read Buber’s book, I and Thou? I have a copy but it’s not easy to read.

  4. There was a book by Martin Buber of that title, apparently not an uninteresting philosophical read.

    Ralph Schoenman has a lot to say about Zionist atrocities, and is, I believe, correct that the answer is a democratic Palestine, in which jews and Christians are welcome, as was apparently offered for decades by the indigenous inhabitants now interned in the concentration camp ghetto of Gaza and being slowly killed off.

    One does not have to be ‘self-hating’ to realize that no ancient, defunct biblical cult gets to reinvent itself at others’ expense. Jews have no more right to Israel than ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, or Etruscans would to their historical stomping grounds. But that’s my agnostic position, being unconvertible to any of those cultist religions. Might as well break off part of Ireland for Druids, and return Italy to the Etruscans.

    (Anyway, the latest word from ‘anti-Semites’ is that we’re genetically horrible not for being jews but for being ‘Khazars’ which explains why we’re so bloodthirsty and should all just be incinerated– go figger).

    Certainly white South Africans who refused to abide their racist regime didn’t hate themselves, they hated the hateful regime, and most would say rightfully so.

    It’s similar to the conservative, rightist warmongering majority of the USA saying (as they ALWAYS so reflexively do), that we’re ‘American-hating Americans’ for dissenting the illegal atrocities of our own country.

    If we learned anything from the persecutions of jews (or anyone by anyone else), it’s that we have a profound and inescapable moral duty to dissent injustice, especially when its nationalistically or ethnically motivated.

    Regarding ‘Zionism’ one would do well to look into the deranged cult of the ‘dispensationalists’ as espoused by, for example, Hagee.

    These are crazed Zionist protestants, deeply entrenched in the media (I believe Ann Coulter is one of these, I heard McCain supports them, they have a huge following among the evangelical set, and a TON of money– )

    There’s a reason AIPAC and Zionist’s get so much clout, and it’s not all the doing of we Jews, who are notoriously bad at building political power all by themselves, preferring solitary book-worminess traditionally.

    It’s a vast tragedy. I detest Israeli zionists not as a jew (self-loathing or otherwise) but because I’m absolutely sick of their atrocities. It’s a horrible moral migraine that never goes away–

    There was a time when we felt that way about South Africa, but that situation, amazingly, began to modulate somewhat. Israeli atrocity is some kind of biblical plague of the nerds, but is so dangerously deranged and disturbing in a region of the three biggest miscreant scriptural cults, which also happens to be in the middle of oil mania- so it’s a far more terrifying geopolitical mess.

    If there was justice in the world, Israel would completely detent, and would form a coalition government where everyone can live there in peace.

    There is a commune, sort of a kibbutz, I think, where Palestinians and jews live deliberately and in peace. It can be done, we are, after all, genetically and identical as humans, and even ethnically similar as Semites. What gets in the way is scripture, and scripture is a completely deranged, antiquated idea, certainly nothing to build a colonial, apartheid, violent ‘nation’ about.

    Why anyone would ever want to live on that hot, uninhabitable, blood-soaked patch of desert completely mystifies me. It’s all a plague on everyone else, to have had to read this horror every day for decades, and with no end in sight. But just wait till they start ww3, with Israel the instigator, all this will look like child’s play.

    As an ethnic ‘jew’, and as an american as well, I say bring on the peace, and bring on the reparations. Complicity in atrocity is not an option.

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