Mandatory Flu Vaccines & Anthrax by William Mac

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Mandatory Flu Vaccines And Anthrax

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William Mac reads the newspaper and then comments on “Flu Shots Advised For Kids up to 18” in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

He then remarks upon the forced mandatory Anthrax vaccines for military personnel just approved by a Federal Judge, despite the fact that the FDA has, over a couple of decades, continued to find the vaccine dangerous and ineffective.

Check out the blog for more on the Anthrax decision:

Anthrax Vaccine — Law, Not Choice

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By William Mac
This Week in Time

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March 4, 2008

It’s safe to say that almost everyone in the United States remembers the brief and unexplained Anthrax attacks that occurred shortly after 9/11. Although there is much controversy surrounding the event, what we do know is that Anthrax is something that no every day pipe-bomb fanatic can produce. It takes a highly skilled professional with access to a variety of different kinds of lab equipment to actually produce various strings of Anthrax. It takes money, it takes credentials and it takes authority. However, I will not go into detail about this during this particular blog, but I will point out that Anthrax in a widespread bio-weapon attack will take tons of money, tons of time, tons of professional know-how and plenty of creativity. Otherwise, it is virtually impossible.

Another thing is that Anthrax can be absorbed through the skin as well as through the nostrils. There is virtually no way to prevent sickness in either case. But, even so, the new vaccine recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has become mandatory for all military personnel.

By all accounts, if an Anthrax vaccine actually prevents an individual from getting the “bug” then I would be all for it. The only thing is that I believe the Anthrax vaccine to be more harmful than any potential threat of Anthrax, especially when its use becomes mandatory.

This vaccine’s mandatory use has actually been being battled for quite sometime, as far back as the middle 80s in fact.

Judge Rosemary M. Collyer says that the FDA acted appropriately when it found the Anthrax vaccine to be safe. She approved its mandatory use. But, she dismissed a lawsuit by military officials who argue that the drug is unproven and the scientific data unsound, which it is.

James Turner, a Washington, DC attorney has pushed for the vaccine to be ruled as a Class II dangerous drug. Back in 1985 the FDA recognized that this same vaccine was not safe or effective against inhaled anthrax. However, still during that time, the then acting FDA Commissioner Michael Friedman told the military to go ahead and use it – basically, to experiment.

Despite years of battling this vaccine’s mandatory use and despite countless allegations that the information of its effectiveness, usefulness and safety is unfounded, Federal judge Rosemary M. Collyer says, “the court will not substitute its own judgment when the FDA made no clear error of judgment.”

Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman even went so far as to state, “we owe it to our service members to give them every possible protection,” by explaining that, “force protection is the number one priority in the Defense Department and Anthrax inoculation program is an important force-protection measure.”

Yet, the eight military officials combating this vaccine’s mandatory use are not opposed to “every possible protection”, they’re simply opposed to mandatory protection. They want the vaccine to be optional, which by all logical reasoning should be a no-brainer.

The plaintiffs’ attorney, Mark Zaid, says that the FDA relied on outdated studies that didn’t prove the vaccine is safe or effective against inhaled anthrax. He also stated, “It would appear the court has condoned an agency’s manipulation of decades-old data to support a present-day policy objective.” Mark Zaid will immediately appeal the decision.

The main issue here isn’t so much safety, but choice. It is incomprehensible to me as to why anyone, civilian or military, should be forced to have a vaccination of any kind, especially considering the dangers that come with vaccinations and, even more especially, the dangers that may come with a vaccination such as this, which does not seem to have been thoroughly proven effective or safe in the least.

The worst part is that the Homeland Security Force now wishes to make the vaccine available to the entire population. Will that, too, become mandatory? Yikes.

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9 thoughts on “Mandatory Flu Vaccines & Anthrax by William Mac

  1. Your right on the money man. I am currently serving in the Oregon National Guard but not for long. This year was the first year they made flu shots mandatory else be punished under UCMJ. But there is something more sinister going on. It is called biomertics. If you haven’t heard anthing on this, it is basically medical and dental records on a chip. This can be put into the recipients body via the flushot. I forgot to mention that this is also a tracking device. I don’t want anything to do with that at all. I have 5 years left on a contract and feel so strongly against mandatory vaccinations anthrax especially that I will take the dishonorable discharge if I have to. Let me know what your thoughts are.

  2. As mentioned, the best defense against the flu is ah healthy immune system. That is becoming more and more difficult to obtain because of the genetically modified organisms introduced into the food chain, and because of the brainwashing that has induced the larger population base to eat junk and processed foods (all of which the FDA has approved).

    The best way to combat a bacterial infection brought on by a viral infection is through the use of photo-luminescent therapy (high dose ultra-violate light exposure for the blood).

  3. Thanks, William! 🙂

    It is a difficult situation for those who are unhealthy already. To get the shot or risk getting the flu. It should be something one talks with their doctor about and on an individual basis, certainly it shouldn’t be mandatory.

    I’m sorry to hear that your mother and others got so sick after receiving the flu shot. Heard many such stories.

    Another personal story: when my father was very sick with respiratory illness and my sister and her young children lived with my parents I believe everyone in the household was recommended to get a flu shot. In that case, the possibility of the kids getting the flu then my dad getting it from them and possibly dying from it or the other complications/infections was a good reason for all to have the flu shot.

  4. Lo,

    I agree with you. However, having been doing a bit of research lately and speaking to local area MDs, it seems the greatest threat of the flu in unhealthy individuals is not actually the influenza virus itself, but the subsequent bacterial infections that follow such as pneumonia.

    I would hypothesis that, in this context, no vaccine will save a person from the potentially deadly effects of the influenza virus, but only a strong immune system with the ability to fight off harmful bacterial infections. Or, at least, anti-bacterial medication that is still effective assuming it is not a super-germ brought about by, well, anti-bacterial products or the overuse thereof.

    It’s a shifty situation. I personally know a few women in their late 50s that recently received the flu vaccination and became more sick than they ever have in their lives, my mother being one of them.

    In the case of my mother, she had to go to the hospital. I feel confident that, had she not received the flu vaccination a couple of days prior, this situation would not have occurred.

    All in all, though, it’s a tricky situation and my limited knowledge and training leaves much to be desired.

    I always appreciate you hosting these videos on your wonderful site.


  5. WHY,

    I dig it. But, I would implore you to not so much as expect things, or to tarry to one ill will over another. Instead, I would hope you do not expect the worst in any situation. I would encourage you to remain steadfast in yours, and everyone else’s, ability to counter the seemingly “inevitable”.

    Think how ludicrous it would be, for example, if everyone said, “I should would like to vote for __candidate__ but I know that he/she won’t win.”

    This situation is very much similar. We strive and we work and we vote, not because we cater to the most likely situation, but because we believe in a cause, a reason, a conviction.

    This may seem a pipe dream to many. However, the only way that this ideal will become a reality is if the majority stops believing to be a pipe dream.


    Thanks for your comment,


  6. William, good points in your video and blog. Our soldiers are being used as guinea pigs.

    The flu shots being mandatory is ridiculous. I’ve never had it, one of my kids had it once and no one else in the family got it. He was very sick though, but recovered well being that he was a kid when he had it. It wasn’t life threatening. I don’t believe healthy people need the flu shot, only those that if they were to get the flu (elderly, ill people) it could be life threatening.

  7. This is only the beginning. They have much in store. My big question is not vaccines, as I know that is coming and they are evil personified. My question is the FEMA CAMPS.

    Now THAT’S worth looking into.

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