Morning Joe: 9/11 Truther should be taken to Secret Prison (video no longer available)

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Note: video no longer available; Feb. 10, 2011

video replaced Sept 13, 2010

setfree70 | March 04, 2008

March 04, 2008 MSNBC Morning Joe

“I hope there a secret prison for all 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists in Eastern Europe somewhere”

Unbelievable, and outrageous Watch as the reporter sardonically states “you don’t do that because that’s when the secret service steps in”, while his yes people, including Joe Scarborough himself, who seem to be having their own conversations in the background, start braying “Tase him, tase him bro” like automated robots.

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Morning Joe: 9/11 Truther should be taken to Secret Prison

11 thoughts on “Morning Joe: 9/11 Truther should be taken to Secret Prison (video no longer available)

  1. Dandi, TY,
    The jokes on Joe, there are secrete prisons, so where’s the indignation/conscience, Joe ?
    Truth, Justice, and “our” New Worldly Ways.
    Lulled to asleep,
    slaughtered like sheep.

    Did Sharpton get arrested along with 200 other’s Friday ? Have not heard a word about this event.

  2. There are so called conspiracy theories that aren’t true, like: “there were no airplanes that flew in the WTC” because a wing in front of the tower seems to disappear before hitting the tower. (digital movie mpg compression artefacts is the answer)

    It seems that a disinfo campaigne has been organized by CIA and possible individual Zionists can answer some of this. Also, they are some nuts as well. But the really serious stuff is always ignored by our so-called media in the US.

  3. I live in Europe and we apparantly have secret prisons, but who made them ? I don’t live in such a prison, no I spent almost all of my working live in Air Traffic Control and instantly knew that what I saw that September the 11th was a so called inside job. Almost instantly blaming the muslims or the (non-existing yet) al-quida while pres. Bush just sits and listens to children.

    And indeed it is an awfull thought that those who have a different (the truth) opinion would be sent to us in Europe where they are to be locked away in those secret prisons (Guantanome alike ?).

    This again is proof that it has to be covered up.

    Have a look at youtube for coincidences and see how demolishing teams bring buildings down, exactly the way the WTC came down. The impossibility of WTC 7 coming down too in only a few hours without any damage.

    Have a look at the hole in the Pentagon, the rubbish in front of it and find explanations about its size all over the web and especially youtube.

    The proof is overwhelming and find out that even the Underground attack in London was an inside job.

    The only goal was to get rid of the WTC buildings that had to be renovated, have a grip on Afghanistan for an oil pipe and then Iraq too, for the oilfields. Iran might be next. I don’t want to think about the promised greater Israel yet.

    And that all at the cost of “some lives” in New York (I’m sorry that I have to say it that harsh) the cost of muslim discrimination world wide, the cost of many more lives than Sadam Hoessein ever took in Iraq and indeed at the cost of the way non americans value the United States. At the cost of the majority of people that live in the USA that I love.

    It’s time for the truth to come out and I sure hope that this is the hope and change Barack Obama will bring.

    Contrary to Dave I wish I was an American, I would join the meetup groups for truth on the street instead of supporting them by PayPal money (ie for the first responders)

    To all Americans that are not stupid; fight for teh truth with words, tell everyone what you learned about what happened that day … but be careful, obviously the inside job didn’t stop that day.

    There are so called conspiracy theories that aren’t true, like: “there were no airplanes that flew in the WTC” because a wing in front of the tower seems to disappear before hitting the tower. (digital movie mpg compression artefacts is the answer)

    Stand up and vote for a president that corrects what went wrong without making the same fault by starting an “inside war” to fight this “inside job”, Behave, acknowledge, remain polite, humane, understand the reasons and compensate.

    HAve a nice day,


    Forget about secret prisons and open Guantanamo bay, we all do make mistakes and sometimes people have to be convinced that they were wrong and pay for their mistakes

  4. What’s ironic is that the female newscaster’s father Zbeignew Brezinksy (sp?) is a big insider to these same people and has once mentioned that such a travesty could be used again in the future against us.

    9/11 was obviously an inside job and those people who ridicule it either know squat or are fearful of what it really means to this country. They are dupes for the real perpetrators.

    It’s all in the family for the lying US media!

  5. The mentality of this Joe show reflects that of the audience and the promoters and is to be expected in a society with so many Crime Scene Investigation entertainments yet apparently so few citizens able to ‘see’ or ‘get’ such a blatantly obvious inside job like 911.
    Well, stupid is as stupid does and what will inevitably happen in the most stupid Demockery in the history of the planet?
    Who cares you deserve it!
    If the truth upsets you then perhaps you need to re-examine yourself…
    Only those who have not examined the evidence of 911 could think it wasn’t an inside job.
    Stupid gullible yanks sucked in again!
    Watch ‘How the Towers Fell’ and use the tiny bit of brain that hasn’t been totally dumbed down.
    Stupid Yanks, the world laughs at you and your arrogant stupidity yet you delude yourselves that you are God’s Gift To Evolution!
    It seems there are not many yanks intelligent enough to add 1+1 and get the correct answer so i guess it’s no surprise 9+1+1 = wrong answer!
    The butler did it on the bosses instructions?
    Oh Uncle Sam would never do that!
    How gullible can Americans be?
    We laugh at your stupidity!
    Ha ha ha stupid yanks, blow themselves up, believe it when told some foreigners did it, send your children to use WMD’s on a daily basis in 3rd World countries so the perpeTraitors of 911 can get even richer and take away your rights and laugh at you just as we do!
    Stupid planet wrecking genocidal thieves and liars,
    this is what America has come to represent.
    Proud to be American?
    Must be the most stupid of the stupid!
    So there’s an honest outsider’s perspective
    for all those stupid enough not to look at the ev idence and unable to see the truth right under their noses…
    At least there are a few who are not fooled or corrupted, you stupid ones will probably lock them up an torture them.
    Glad i’m not one.

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    This is absolutely outrageous! Apparently the first amendment isn’t applicable in Amerika any longer. How many of us are going to dissent if we are threated to be hauled off to a secret prison or any prison for that matter?

    And to joke about secret prisons! My gosh.

    Hope many people call and write the station and loudly complain about this behavior of the part of these hosts. They certainly are not journalists.

  7. I find it interesting that people on a news channel would feel safe enough to say they hope there’s a secret prison for 911 conspiracy theorists.

    I realize that these shows maintain their audiences by making outrageous statements, but it is disturbing when someone touts secret CIA prisons as a remedy for those whose opinions differ.

    Funny thing is, I watch Morning Joe religiously and I am a bit upset by this. Shame on Willy!

  8. Wow. After blatantly bringing no news worth any value … they laugh at themselves for bringing no news to the table. What’s going on here?

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