Alex Jones finally hosts an A.I. expert… who prefers “Skynet” over “Dumb Robots”

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Mar 6, 2008

I’ve been waiting years for Alex Jones and the operation to cover some DARPA A.I., and it looks like we’ll still be waiting.

The guest was Noel Sharkey, Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, University of Sheffield. Evidently, the professor finds the notion of “Battlebots” (like in the TV show Robot Wars, on which he appears) to be mankind’s greatest threat. Well sort of.

Actually the concern over an international robot arms race should be of great concern. To Sharkey its not because it will all lead to runaway development of massive cognitive “Skynet” like systems by multiple nations, but instead because of the ‘threat to humanity’ via some indiscriminate killings by some rabid self-guiding autonomous robot sentries out on whatever battlefield.

We must fear the robots in our faces, not the god-like keeper(s) of our or rather It’s dominion, which would ultimately end up with the potential control of such mobile creatures.

Fear this:


No fear this:


Or this:


Because Noel Sharkey says:

“…every time killer robots are mentioned people start talking about Terminator and Skynet … and all this kind of stuff thats really fairy-tales … and if it were like that it’d actually be better because what you’ve got here this is like a washing machine. This is a dumb stupid machine and you’re going to give it the decision to kill people?”
[That segment can be stream-played in my new music profile, or the full interview can be found here or here.]

So “with all that he knows about A.I.”, never mind massive parallel self-aware cognitive systems embedded into all levels of infrastructure, its the “big dumb washing machines” we must all pull our hair out over while trampling over each other panicking down the city streets.

But I’ll give credit where its due, and he does have some stats. Surprisingly, I hadn’t ever made a conscious note of this person until this interview, as he definitely is a bonafide AI elitist. But there are scores of others just as expert-grade as he on this subject who believe that “Skynet” is possible with the proper effort. And it turns out that the same places you’ll find that effort you’ll find military official-scientists who also believe.

So Sharkey seemingly leaves us with “can it be done” rather than “are they trying to do it, and do they believe they can succeed”.

And unfortunately to subscribers of Sharkey’s position, the modern consensus amongst his ilk of scientist brethren seems to point towards the latter. But 10 years ago that wasn’t the case. 10 years ago “you’d have had popcorm thrown at you up on the podium” as one AGI-god pioneer has said. You see 50 years ago the computer scientist community found themselves under the impression that “AGI” would be no sweat. Roughly 20-30 years later they collectively fell on their faces in the realization that they had a long shot to go in terms of concept, software and hardware. Since then, until just the past several years, the notion has been met with staunch skepticism from history as a lesson and animosity from self-defeat. Now the trend is shifting without even discussing the DARPA/NASA/Google ‘AGI Trinity’ that’s right out on the surface if you just look for it.

Now I nor hardly anyone can exactly prove a “Skynet” is possible. However its an out and open secret that they’re trying to do it and believe they can rather soon. So whether your view is “its all fairy-tale” or “not if but when” we should all get over worrying about battlebots and look sharply at the systems that promise to change humanity forever, and the institutions with the intent to do it.

None-the-less the interview is still worthwhile listening to. I don’t have time to overtly & directly refute or confirm much of his other statements or attitudes here now, but with past and upcoming posts and works that should be handled inherently with enough to satisfy anyones needs to take my leanings seriously. But let me know if you need any further elaboration here.


Thinking back, there probably wouldn’t “be” an “IIB” were it not for the fact that I found myself seeing a trend that wasn’t being discussed in any real light or with any real substance. It all started with the whole NASA+Google A.I. story that got me all riled up, meanwhile it was a ‘non-issue’. Call me paranoid, but in the vacuum of essentially zero coverage of not only that development but anything to go with it I set out to prove my assumption, and boy did I get more than I bargained for. In the years since, the lack of any sustained mass coverage and all that has effectively forced me to ‘become’ the hardwired intellectual extremist I am today.

Now I assume that most people who will be reading this post will be full aware of my work and revelations in this department (if not see profile, and dig in). In short, not only are ‘they’ (the defense/technology establishment) fully intent on making a “Skynet”, and confident that it can be done in just a few years, they’re making the stuff in the movies look like child’s play. Even in the Terminator movies basically all the system was shown to be inheriting was the offensive nuclear missile systems and later (T3) the robots it’d need to get itself off the ground post-nuclear apocalypse. Minus the worker-bee-bots, the .mil system a would-be Skynet would be inheriting already makes the Hollywood Skynet appear as a lackluster Atari Jaguar trying to compete versus todays XBox 360.

Now as absurd as this would sound to the newcomer to this realm of information unfortunately it isn’t a theory nor even a secret. And that’s why I’m still dumbfounded that Alex Jones -the nations leading ‘alarmist’- to this day hasn’t acknowledged or helped expose this portion of the Establishments ambitions. At least not to the best of my knowledge and I pay attention. I really don’t have time to go in and itemize and linking in all this tech-stuff I’m talking about, I also don’t feel like digging up my couple-few former criticisms ala Jones from my 730+ blog posts. But it can be said this isn’t the first time its been pointed out a certain someones bending over backwards in regards to sidestepping the most profound no-turning-back implication humanity has ever contemplated.

By now some may be fully discomforted with my little ‘rant’ thus far, but seriously: has even been covering some of DARPA’s latest cognitive A.I. shenanigans for roughly a year now especially ever since they blogged my iXo video in their Danger Room blog. But its funny that that same video can only be found in the infowars/prisonplanet world in the forums where somebody else posted about it. Yet somehow Zeitgeist got posted on the main site despite it being the staunchest possible contradiction to Alex Jones’ supposed Christian faith, and it being heavily flawed in that regard (can’t knock the cinematography tho.), yet ‘my’ DARPA iXo video is all direct citations/imagery from government websites/documents/etc. Go figure. I’m here to stay now anyways.

As I’d expect others of me, I admire and respect him when he’s right, but I must correct him when he’s wrong and criticize when it takes bending over backwards to be as such.


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8 thoughts on “Alex Jones finally hosts an A.I. expert… who prefers “Skynet” over “Dumb Robots”

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  3. Um, wow, if thats really you how did you find this so quick?

    My concern is driven by the fact that they’re explicitly stating that AGi is the objective while expressing confidence in a near term scenario. To me the AI drones and other successes such as DARPA’s “PAL” program are evidence that they might not be too far off. They set the objective, and get it done, in this department, these days. I’ve documented, archived, and posted tons of stuff on this. And it isnt just DARPA, its cross virtually agencies and military branches. Its a massive initiative. And it DEEPLY involves Google, who (Brin) openly talks about wanting their system to be like “the mind of god”.
    Shoot me an email and I’ll send you to the juiciest bits of my findings:

    “Personally I think it is more likely that we will clone future robots as biological entities.”

    I lean towards humans becoming the ‘robots’. Theres plenty of us around sucking up energy and resources anyways. While nanobot implants to do such a thing need some time, its not too far off. Nanobots now have their power source (nano-piezo), meanwhile implantless neural video game interfaces will be on the market any day if not already… and by 2+ developers/manufacturers… already.
    But then figure if the ‘Establishment’ has their ‘god’ AGI system in place well in advance of true 2-way nano-interfaces. WHILE there are the powerful super-bots “you” so eloquintly expose…

    But I do share your concerns. BUT I think you should also include the out and open AGI intentions that I can so eloquintly lay out for you. You seem to have te platform to squeeze that in. I’m nobody. In fact I dont even have a name as far as anyone is concerned, nor really want one even if I were given a platform, when I probably wouldnt anyways.

    I’m against the military imperialism, the autonomous drones, the AGI and the weaponization of space. Put all of those together and good luck humanity.

    Its been fun fun talking to a fictional AI expert (lol).

  4. As the AI expert in question let me just be clear. Terminator was one of my favourite movies and as a scientist I really can’s say whether or not skynet is possible. The far future is a matter of opinion. There are strong academic arguments for and against AI becoming conscious like biological beings. Personally I think it is more likely that we will clone future robots as biological entities.

    The reason why I am pushing that aside as “fairy tale” for now is because of the immediate threat to humanity . The planned autonomous robots are not going to be able to tell the difference between innocents and soldiers. There are going to be a lot of innocent deaths if we dont stop them now. I am trying to get the military to take me seriously about this.

    But you know, if John Connor is out there reading this, I am sure that he will be the first to get behind my campaign to stop these things now before they get out of hand.

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  6. lol. giving robots the command to kill people. i love it. i better go out and get some different types of guns now.

    our government(s) will have the ability of total control over everything, behaviour, weather, economy, ….

    i can’t wait!!

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