Olbermann: Bush: If He Wants Me… + FL MI Revote? + Clinton-Obama or Obama-Clinton Dream-Ticket?

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Mar. 5, 2008

Bush – “If He Wants Me…”

Keith speaks with Dana Milbank.

Johnny Come Lately: The day after the Republicans mathematically anoint their nominee. A traditional spike in any campaign. The formal endorsement of that nominee, by the incumbent President. A second traditional spike in any campaign. The bonding of two former cut-throat enemies from the same party, at the very moment the other party consigns itself to as much as five months of throat-cutting. A third, climactic, spike, in any campaign. And, in our number one story on the Countdown: the guy… shows up late. Seriously? No On-Star in the car, Senator McCain? They stopped giving traffic reports on WTOP?

Florida Michigan Revote?

Keith speaks with Chuck Todd.

Altered States: If last night’s split results mean neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton can clinch the nomination based on delegates alone, any more, then this is a job… for super-delegates. But in our third story tonight, they may not come to the rescue… until the very last minute. Super-delegates in a moment, but first, because we’re talking messed-up elections, Florida. And– this year, anyway– Michigan.

Clinton-Obama or Obama-Clinton Dream-Ticket? 

Keith speaks with Jonathan Alter.

Dream Ticket?: Last night’s results not only kept the Democratic race alive… they ignited anew, speculation that the best ticket, and the best solution to the many pot-holes suddenly evident on the Democratic horizon… might incorporate both historic candidates. The speculation, of course, often fails to address that tricky question of who would get top billing… and the white building… and the cool plane… and who would be left, conceivably marking time until 2016. In our fourth story tonight…whose dream… is the dream ticket?

World’s Worst 

Worse: Glenn Beck

Worser: Bill’O!

Worst: Bill’O!