Franken-Foods: The Plague Of Our Time


by Guadamour
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Mar. 7, 2008

More so even than global warming, which some people still question, genetically “engineered” foods will more than likely be the scourge of the modern world.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) will surely give a horrible truth to the T. S. Elliott line, “This is the way the world end. This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but with a whimper.”

In the now five year-old book, Seeds of Deception (Yes Books 2003), Jeffrey M. Smith details how GMOs brought to you by Monsanto (one should remember Monsanto for bringing such natural wonders to the world such as napalm) and other multi-national corporations with the connivance of the US Food and Drug Administration even after the administrators were warned of the dangers by the FDA’s own scientists.

Smith explains how GMO’s are totally unnatural and effect humans and animals adversely. He outlines the scientific errors behind GMO’s and exposes the limited knowledge of mankind when they start playing “God” with naturally produced gene structures.

The book exposes the fraud, corruption and lies in a government motivated by greed and corporate campaign contributions.

Smith further makes the indictment that the corporations and scientist working on GMOs have bought their own propaganda line that it is being done to feed the world and prevent starvation.

He outlines how GMOs are destroying the ecology and environment of planet, and now that the tooth paste is out of the tube, there is no real way to put it back in.

GMOs have now adulterated almost the entire food chain. This is especially true in the USA which will not allow producers who painstakingly genetically unmodified foods, let them inform the public that they are doing so less they hurt and damage the producers of GMOs.

Smith explains how Europe and the rest of the world want nothing to do with GMOs which are primarily produced in the USA.

GMOs were development and meant to help the sale of US agricultural products. Smith shows how it has ultimately cost the nation billions in lost sales.

More than anything else, Smith’s book is in indictment of the US system which is a system primarily motivated by the love of money.

What is truly frightening about Smith’s book is it shows how the media is not doing it job by bringing to light the dangers of GMOs, and how corporate power is able to blackmail it and generally lie to the public. All of this is done with the handmaiden to corporations, the US Federal government.

Smith has set up a website, to continue and further getting out information on GMOs.

What Smith’s book does not do is explain how Rockefeller money originally funded the research in to GMOs. It also does not note how the Rockefeller’s have long funded the eugenics movement.

Eugenics is the self direction of evolution. That seems harmless enough until one realizes that it is meant to exclude everyone that doesn’t conform with the master race. Can anyone say Nazis and Arians?

Anyone and everyone truly interested in the welfare of the planet and who wants to live a long and healthy life needs to read this book and help disseminate its knowledge.

The book should be available in most libraries, or if not, can be ordered through inter-library loan.


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  5. I don’t think GM foodstuffs is any different than what societies that rely on husbandry and agriculture have been doing for millennia. Selecting traits that are advantageous is the same whether it’s from selective breeding or genetic engineering. The only difference is the level of technology involved and the time needed for a result.

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