Jack Layton Appears on Lou Dobbs

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NDP Leader Jack Layton opposes Free Trade with US Protectionist and CNN host Lou Dobbs. Jack has finally found someone in the USA (other than Ralph Nader) who agrees with his anti Free Trade view.

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4 thoughts on “Jack Layton Appears on Lou Dobbs

  1. Ignorance is bliss, yeah?

    But to those who have actually discussed politics with Jack, they would realize that he is a progressive leader with the perenialisation of the middle class at heart. In order to protect the totality of the country, you need to govern for the majority, while protecting the rights of the minority.

    Fact is, the economy depends entirely on the middle class’ success. By attacking the middle class in the way the Bush republicans and the Harper conservatives have done implodes the economy from the inside out.

    The sooner we abandon these tired old classical liberal economic ideologies (known academically as neo-conservatism), the quicker we and our American neighbours will get back on the right foot and get out of this lingering recession/depression.

  2. Jack Layton ( Mr Pomposity or Jack Lenin ) has no right to be telling your listeners “what Canadians think”. He is the leader of a party that has no chance of being the governing party here. Jack Layton is a left winger and his brand of politics would turn us into the socialist hell of some European countries.

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