Colombia & Ecuador End Crisis With a Handshake + Colombian refugee calls for peace

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By Manila Ryce
The Largest Minority
Mar 8, 2008

The presidents of Colombia and Ecuador have agreed to resolve a conflict which started when Colombia invaded Ecuadorian territory to kill around 20 FARC rebels, including an important FARC commander and negotiator, Raul Reyes. After the raid, US-puppet President Uribe of Colombia accused Chavez, who had successfully brokered several hostage releases with FARC, of aiding the group with $300 million (investigative journalist Greg Palast discredits that reckless accusation in this article).

Correa, Uribe y el final feliz


March 07, 2008

At a Dominican Republic summit this Friday, Colombian President Uribe went a step further to also accused Ecuadorian President Correa of funding FARC and not co-operating in “the fight against terrorism”. Correa responded by rightly calling Uribe a liar, saying “your insolence is doing more damage to the Ecuadorian people than your murderous bombs,” and told him to, “Stop trying to justify the unjustifiable.”

After a morning of insults and accusations, pressure from other Latin American leaders at the summit eventually led to Uribe and Correa shaking hands. Both leaders shook hands with Hugo Chavez as well. Chavez later announced that Venezuela would reestablish diplomatic ties and trade with Colombia, as did Nicaragua. However, Colombia still has not promised that it will never carry out another raid into neighboring countries without permission. The developments came on the same day that a second senior commander of FARC was extrajudicially killed in western Colombia.


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Colombian refugee calls for peace – 07 Mar 08


As tensions rise following the Colmbian military raid on a rebel base in Ecuador, Aljazeera meets a Colombian refugee living in Venezuela who has been leading calls to avoid war.

Added: March 06, 2008


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