History’s Hidden Engine

Dandelion Salad

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Socionomics Institute

59 min 51 sec – Mar 17, 2007

History’s Hidden Engine is the result of more than three years of research and creativity by filmmaker David Moore. Moore traveled North America to capture the insights of 17 brilliant minds, then wove them into this film. In just 59 minutes and with the help of pop songs, news footage and cultural images that are familiar to everyone, this documentary shows how social mood drives trends in movies, music, fashion, finance, economics, politics, the media and war.




3 thoughts on “History’s Hidden Engine

  1. I think alot of this is pure bullshit.

    Infotainment is always used to create different types of sheeple; consumerism driven by pure greed.

    Whenever people’s NEEDS are ignored, abuse results. Now it has reached ENDGAME for white people, as you shall see by October, 2008.

    Manipulation is also a form of abuse, it is NOT geared to meeting needs. No one cared how slaves were treated, vast swaths of natives were murdered because they did not make good SLAVES.

    What we are about to see is an increase in expensive “green” products that are anything but green, ala Thomas Friedman who has made his major announcment on behalf of the Bilderbergers; I’ve already written a sound of warning about it. They don’t give five cents about biodiversity or self determination of resources, but total control of the environment THEIR way, same old, same old.

    John Lennon, Tracy Chapmen, even Bob Dylan have ALWAYS told the truth. Popular culture is manipulated and right now the ruling class gets fed ALL blockbuster movies via videotape before a “product” is released. Everything is controlled.

    As for Dizzyknee, the guy was an utter and unmitigated FASCIST. The public has never wanted patriarchy, it was FED IT.

    Those who push the stock market are SALESMAN, no matter how prestigious their “credentials” may appear, nothing more.

    Dr. Michael Hudson, of the Institute for Creditory Economics is a far better source of information than this. This is popularization of some very XIIIth c. economic ideas and they do NOT work.

  2. The major up-tick in volume of fascinating posts must mean this applies to Dandelions as well—a third Fibonacci wave of news perhaps?

    So now that the herd mentality is entirely manipulated by mass media and the marketing machine, all we need in order to effect a boom in the Dow is to raise hemlines, run out some bubblegum pop, and cash out before it crashes in the inevitable 4th wave.

    If the cycle of popular opinion is an ever-expanding Archimedean spiral, at what point does the arc of speculation and consumption outstrip the limits of the finite sphere on which it grows, prompting complete collapse– the melting of the fragile fractal ecological snowflake, so to speak.

    Fascinating to tie socioeconomic trends to the numerical expression of natural patterns, of course we are nature, and therefore can’t avoid repeating its laws in our own behavior, to one degree or another.

    Where that may fall apart is the tendency of markets to foster a bi-polar disease of fear and greed, Also the theory assumes an ever-expanding supply to sustain its nautilus-like economic growth.

    One wonders if the addictive mindset of market speculation is a product of an unnatural concept of ‘economic development’, and instead of an ever-expanding ‘golden mean’ of prosperity, the ‘irrational exuberance’ and panic evidenced in the charts is an artifice based in abstract manipulations of valuation of equities generated by corporations and the dubious profit reports they apparently tend to generate.

    But ‘unnatural’ manipulations aside, I instinctively suspect that the price-trends of corporate stocks are founded in a system already based on an unsustainable petro-powered industrialization, rather than a solid mathematical pattern growing like the trunk of a tree. It’s an artificial and unstable cycle bound for ultimate collapse.

    Personally I rather observe this market ‘herd’ mentality only from afar, a ‘free radical’ divorced from the lemming-like ‘comforts’ of crowds.

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