Journalism interrupted, The Right Wing Attack Machine Churns… (Siegelman)

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by Larisa Alexandrovna
March 07, 2008

So you folks recall the active smear-campaign by Eddie Curran – a  former reporter with the Mobile Press Register who has been actively vomiting up propaganda on behalf of the Siegelman prosecutors and the Alabama GOP, right? Just in case you have indeed forgotten the failed career of Curran and his hopes of selling a book on Siegelman’s prosecution, see HERE.

The latest attack effort launched by Curran is to recruit right-wing blogs via a letter he has been distributing and which is now prominently featured on the Alabama GOP website.  My pal in Alabama, Legal Schnauzer, has some words for Curran and describes the latest antics that show exactly why Curran has proved himself not remotely credible:

“Eddie Curran is in a fightin’ mood. But is this war of aggression from the erstwhile Mobile Press-Register

Not content to throw rhetorical bolo punches at Republican whistleblower Jill Simpson and Harper’s60 Minutes. And we’re not talking about a private missive to the folks responsible for the recent story on the prosecution of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman.

No, our guy Eddie apparently has disseminated his letter to a number of right-wing blogs. It can be found at several sites, including Granddaddy Long Legs here. Curran’s letter also appears at the Web site of the Alabama Republican Party.

Most mainstream reporters I’ve know in my almost 30 years in journalism would be horrified to see something they had written touted on a political party’s Web site. But I’ve got to give Curran credit: He’s given up all pretense of being an objective reporter.

You should read the whole thing. It is stellar. …


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