Olbermann: Whyoming + McAnger Management + GOP Cyber Squatters

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Mar. 7, 2008


Keith speaks with Eugene Robinson.

McAnger Management

Keith speaks with Mark Benjamin.

Temper Mental: In the words of Republican presidential candidate John McCain… “eff you.” That was him to Senator John Cornyn. Senator Chuck Grassley? An “effing jerk.” Senator Pete Domenichi… a “hole” of some sort. In our third story tonight, McCain, the button, and a temper that led Domenichi, a Republican, to say, “I decided I didn’t want this guy anywhere near a trigger.”

GOP Cyber Squatters 

Keith speaks with Chuck Nice.

Domain Name Game: In politics…. bad-mouthing your opponent — as a destination — is nothing new. Just string together a few words and add dot-com.. But today, there’s, “Calculating Clinton .com”…And “Faux-Bama.com”… And “Hate McCain.com”. And in our number one story on the Countdown, all of those actual examples… are now owned by the Republican National Committee… The first two…placeholders for possible future use. The latter, bought pre-emptively, so no one else can use it against Senator John McCain. And there are more than 50 others… filling the RNC’s virtual domain-name vault. Apparently “Monster.Com” has been taken.


National Intelligence Estimate-Gate


Too Clever By Half-Gate

World’s Worst

Worse: Dana Perino

Worser: Bill’O

Worst: Oliver North

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