WY Primary Results 03.08.08

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Wyoming Democratic Caucus Results  
Candidate Votes %
Barack Obama 5,378 61%
Hillary Clinton 3,312 38%
Uncommitted 63 1%
Other 7 0%
Key: Red Checkmark Winner
Precincts: 100% | Updated: 10:49 PM ET | Source: AP

From Jan 5, 2008:


Wyoming GOP Caucuses Results
Candidate Votes %
Mitt Romney 8 67%
Fred Thompson 3 25%
Duncan Hunter 1 8%
Mike Huckabee 0 0%
John McCain 0 0%
Rudy Giuliani 0 0%
Ron Paul 0 0%
Tom Tancredo 0 0%
Other 0 0%
Uncommitted 0 0%
Key: Red Checkmark Winner
Precincts: 100% | Updated: 9:10 PM ET | Source: AP

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