Colombia: From insults to handshakes (video)

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At Rio Group summit an isolated Colombia backs down and apologizes for military raid into Ecuador


Colombia & Ecuador End Crisis With a Handshake + Colombian refugee calls for peace

6 thoughts on “Colombia: From insults to handshakes (video)

  1. I wondered about this back-down and hand shake. Maybe he felt he was not getting any support from the US or other ‘friends’.

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  3. Yeah Yeah I know all about the kristalnacht etc etc,,
    guess I’m just getting cranky these day’s,,, the Jason Miller “peice” is what set me off………….

    As for monitoring,… Dandelion, you have some pretty anti America, sketchy type stuff over here…. I know you expect to catch some of the fall out from crazy right wingers like me… whether you write it or not, it’s your blog…..

    And Sir Lion,,,, I refuse to believe that you let me,,, me! hurt your feelings 🙂

  4. TRM, “…you people side with our enemies?” The term “you people” is very demeaning. Can you disagree with others without putting them down immediately?

    Just where does it say anywhere that I or anyone else is siding with any of these countries?

    I feel like a second class citizen or worse when you write that because of our differences in political positions I should be monitored by the govt. Thanks, TRM, and I thought we were friends. Apparently not.

    Question to you: are differing positions allowed in this country or not?

    My suggestion is to read about Germany prior to the Holocaust. To get you started view this film:

    Auschwitz: The Final Solution (must-see videos)


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