Talking to Nader and Gonzalez

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by Laura Flanders
The Nation
March 7, 2008

Ralph Nader announced his selection of San Francisco lawyer and activist Matt Gonzalez as his running mate on February 28. Like Nader, Gonzalez–a former president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors who narrowly lost his 2003 bid to be the first Green Party mayor of a major US city–clearly wants to influence the political debate this election season. Given the chilly media climate for any independent run, that’s not going to be easy. The DC reporters at the National Press Club last week were predictably disdainful. The reception in the “alternative” media hasn’t been much warmer. In their first live interview together on talk radio, Gonzalez and Nader spoke with me for an hour on Air America Radio on February 29 and took listeners’ calls. Among the topics: organizing, parties and what the two men think of Obama/Clinton. Take a read.


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Gaza Under Siege by Ralph Nader


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