Truth: What Gets Found in Translation.

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by jurassicpork
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Mar 8, 2008

It could almost be said that the United Kingdom is the place where American news flees in order to thrive. Throw in Jimi Hendrix and Robert Frost to add the humanities to that claim and you might have a stronger case. In fact, it was Frost who’d once coined the phrase that poetry is what gets lost in translation. In politics, the opposite could be said about truth.

Otherwise, how else are we to account for Greg Palast, one of the three or four best investigative journalists on earth, having to ply his trade with the BBC (only to see his explosive exposes ignored by his countrymen)? And why, appropriately, on Epiphany Day, did Sibel Edmonds have to go to the Times Online UK in order to get even a partial revelation of her story out in the mainstream media (minus names, including that of a senior ex state department official whose name I would literally give my left nut to know.)?

The ironic thing is that the Bush-era Justice Department and FBI is busy muzzling Edmonds for her knowledge of corrupt and incompetent officials during the Clinton years. Knowledge, they claim, that could undermine national security. However, the very things that Edmonds is dying to get out happen to involve the type of corruption and incompetence that in itself undermines national security even more.



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