Chemtrails: A Call to Action

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by Kate Mucci
March 11, 2008 at 14:32:29

When first I arose this morning, the sky was a beautiful blue. No clouds, no pollution, nothing suspended in the air between the sun and me. Wanting to take advantage of this rare and beautiful situation, I went out to putter in the yard a bit. After about an hour, I stood up to stretch the back that was reminding me I was no longer 25 years old and saw, to my dismay, that the blue sky was gone.

It was now literally laced with chemtrails. In an hour! From where I stood, all along the South and Eastern sky near Las Vegas, crosshatches of lines were now spreading out, forming a milky white cloud cover where, just sixty minutes before, the sky had been so beautiful.

Since I didn’t want what’s in those chemtrails raining down on me, I headed inside. The words of Carole Pellatt, the guest we had just interviewed for this week’s episode of Out There TV, rang in my ears. Barium, aluminum, ethylene dibromide, heavy metals. Biological and nuclear aerosols. Aerial testing. No wonder there’s a white film covering the soil in the flowerbeds. No wonder the trees are looking so sickly.

Our beautiful desert sky was now a massive toxic dump and there was nothing I could do about it. Well, except express my anger and frustration here. Some people drink, some people shout, I write: this time with a call to action. This has gone on long enough. We have got to do something about this.

One or two or even a hundred of us can’t do much about the chemtrails littering our skies, but I’m hoping that enough of us together can force governments worldwide to admit to what they’re doing (as Germany just did) and stop it. I don’t care what they say they’re trying to achieve: spraying heavy metals, dangerous toxins and hazardous biologicals into the air is not acceptable.

On our website at, we have a page dedicated to the chemtrail issue. ( We’ve provided links to other sites like Iseelines, CaliforniaSkyWatch, BakersfieldSkyWatch and Carnicom. The various health and environmental problems created by the chemtrails and the substances found therein, are catalogued in great detail on those sites, so I won’t repeat them here, but I urge you to go to our chemtrail page and follow the links to the studies and documents that support what I’m about to summarize.




Aerosolized Powder Contrails? by Rick Nichols

Chemtrails: Is U.S. Gov’t. Secretly Testing Americans ‘Again’? by Jeff Ferrell (+ vid)

Aerosol Crimes 1st Edition + Chemtrails (videos)

CONtrail vs. CHEMtrail – San Francisco (video)


6 thoughts on “Chemtrails: A Call to Action

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  2. Hi Andrew, thanks for your comments. Very good points. We need to be watching our skies. I have noticed that the chemtrails tend to happen prior to having precipitation (rain/snow).

  3. Thanks for the good article. The amazing thing is that some days there are NONE, then a couple days later, they are blanketing the sky. This debunks any notion that they are normal contrails – do planes just fly 1 or 2 days a week, all at once? People who dismiss the fact that these are malignant, toxic contrails are naive, igorant, or simply living in a fantasy. Not only have aluminum and barium been found in the residue, but we have seen flagrant denial of their existence by governments change to admission that they exist but for…weather modification…and that they are harmless…sorry but some of us are not that complete idiots to buy into that lie.

  4. Thanks kristine, and Mary.

    We must speak out on this important issue of our day.

    Take photos & videos, pass them around to your friends and family. Talk about it, point them out when you are outside with others around.

  5. I am also trying to make people aware of the chemtrails over Yuba City, California. Good article!

  6. thanks for the links! I too am very disturbed by what I see in the sky here in illinois, and frustrated by the lack of awareness about this! people don’t even notice! I am hoping to find a way to help raise awareness about the chemtrails. it weirds me out that we are being laced with these toxins! and that the government thinks we are too stupid to care. thanks for providing more info on the subject!! kristine

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