Coreluminus: Ballad of John Taylor Gatto (music video)

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All of us who went to school thought we were learning, only we did not know that the lesson was obedience, and that the histories we were given were lies, and the exams were behavioural tests, not academic tests.

The devisors of the tests only interest was would we modify our behaviour enough to do them.

They also screened out the resilient amongst us, by making us feel ‘weird’, ‘different’ or ‘disruptive’.

That this was all a consciously crafted process, to mentally subjugate entire nations, to enfeeble young minds so that they are more easliy (mis)led, that they might vote, and enlist when the call came, and die inglorious deaths on a battlefield far away, for the purposes of the wealthy elites comes as no surprise.

Yet when one reads the detailed history of Compulsory State Education, one is shocked by the arrogant cruelty and banal bigotry of those who devised the roots of these systems.

Read it for yourself.

See the truth.

“The Underground History of (American) Education”

A worthy read.


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