Don’t Stand For This! (Gravel; Paul) (videos) (updated)

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Updated: Mar 14, 2008 added 2 videos.


ATTENTION Mike Gravel and Ron Paul supporters!


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A Complaint Against YouTube

This video is addressed to Steve Grove, YouTube’s news and politics editor.

Sen. Mike Gravel and Rep. Ron Paul have been removed from YouTube’s YouChoose ’08 page, located at: .

Why is YouTube deciding for the voters which candidates deserve any recognition, and which ones don’t? This is especially strange, as Dr. Paul is the most subscribed candidate on YouTube, and Senator Gravel is far more popular than John McCain.

Not only are Sen. Gravel and Rep. Paul missing, but so is Independent candidate Ralph Nader. YouTube is becoming part of the problem.

Contact Steve Grove: 

YouTube, You’re Causing Grief. Please Act Decently.


VIDEOS I refer to:
Don’t Stand For This!
(see above video)

A Complaint Against YouTube
(see above video)
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Ron Paul on Cavuto: Federal Reserve’s $200 Billion Injection

Mike Gravel For President 2008


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