Emerging Out of the Violence (video)

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Given the Israeli-Palestinian violence of the past few weeks, Ben-Ami will address the “how to’s” of a ceasefire plan, the ongoing security dilemmas, management of the Hamas-Fatah-Israel triangle, a return to permanent status negotiations, and the role that United States and the international community needs to play in all these stages. He will also share his insights regarding the uncertain regional context in the Middle East with respect to the role of Egypt, Iran, Syria, the Arab League Initiative, and the requirements for brokering peace in the region.

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One thought on “Emerging Out of the Violence (video)

  1. Insoluble”?

    Dissolve the apartheid state of Israel, and reform as the democratic state of Palestine. Worth a try.

    (will not hsppen… endless pain. If I were Israeli I would just leave)

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