Olbermann: Ferraro Special Comment + How To Delegate + Geraldine Furorro

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Mar. 12, 2008


The below videos are no longer available.  😦


The Ferraro Special Comment

Finally, as promised, a Special Comment on the presidential campaign of the Junior Senator from New York.

By way of necessary preface, President and Senator Clinton — and the Senator’s mother, and the Senator’s brother — were of immeasurable support to me at the moments when these very commentaries were the focus of the most surprise, the most uncertainty, and the most anger. My gratitude to them is abiding.


How To Delegate

Keith speaks with Dana Milbank.

Miss By That Much: Momentum being as quantifiable as catching the scent of the seaside in a bottle… In our fourth story tonight, Barrock Obama’s victory in Mississippi last night… has erased all the delegate gains Hillary Clinton made on March 4th in Ohio.

Geraldine Furorro

Keith speaks with Eugene Robinson.

Resign of the Times: She still believes it…She is not sorry she said it… She said the same thing about another African-American in the race for president twenty years ago… And if that were not enough… she blames Senator Obama for what has happened… to her. Our fifth story on the Countdown: Former Congresswoman and Vice Presidential Candidate Geraldine Ferraro might have left the Clinton campaign today… because of the controversial comments she made about Senator Obama’s candidacy… but there is little doubt that the controversy has not left her. Later: My Special Comment on Senator Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro… and the opportunity the candidate missed to say “In this I believe.”

World’s Worst

Worse: Organizers of “Garden State Equality’s Legends Dinner,” (well, they didn’t really do anything wrong)

Worser: Dave Weldon

Worst: Paul Broun



No Bid-Gate

Nexus Of Politics & Terror-Gate


Oh, Geraldine! by Michael

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