Olbermann: State Of Confusion + Defiant Decider + McAgents Of Intolerance

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Mar. 13, 2008

State Of Confusion 

Keith speaks with Howard Fineman.

States of Confusion: The lyric was sung with gusto by Howard DaSilva as Ben Franklin in the movie “1776.” It was about a struggle by the Founding Fathers, each of whom wanted to avoid writing the declaration of Independence… But tonight it has unexpected relevance to the 2008 Democratic Primary. “I won’t put politics on paper — it’s a mania… “So I refuse, to use the pen, in Pennsylvania.” Our fifth story on the Countdown: the Clinton Campaign is using its pen, Strategist Mark Penn, in Pennsylvania, but may wish it hadn’t. First, Penn declared Barock Obama incapable of winning the general election if he couldn’t beat Clinton in the Keystone State… Then, the campaign tried to backtrack and insist he hadn’t and had only said it raised “serious questions.” Indeed.

Defiant Decider 

Keith speaks with Rachel Maddow.

Spy Way or the Highway: The House floats a FYCA Bill that doesn’t protect the Administration? The President promises a veto saying –quote– “Voting for this bill would make our country less safe”. The Head of U-S Central Command disagrees with the White House on Iraq and Iran? The President asks the Defense Secretary to –quote– “handle it”, and suddenly, there’s a resignation letter. Our third story on the Countdown — every once in awhile George W. Bush does something nefarious, to remind us all, that he’s still around.

Working Hard For The Money 

Keith speaks with Michael Musto.

Spitz Takes: If you think it callous to be making jokes about a man who had to bail out during his 15th month as governor of New York after being caught in a prostitution sting… Relax. Our number one story on the Countdown: Eliot Spitzer’s successor, Governor-To-Be David Paterson, asked at his first news conference today, quote, “so New Yorkers don’t have to go through this again, have you ever patronized a prostitute.” Paterson’s answer: “Only the lobbyists.” Thank you, try the veal, please tip your precinct captains, I’m here all term…

McAgents Of Intolerance 

Keith speaks with Dana Milbank.

Spare the Rod: While Senators Clinton and Obama re-enact Punch and Judy… Senator McCain, freed of the responsibility of campaigning to mainstream America, or even while the media was watching, found a new religious group to cross off his campaign mailing list… Muslims. In our fourth story tonight, on February 27th, McCain angered Catholics and, y’know, sane people… when he happily accepted the endorsement of…



You lied, they died-Gate


World’s Worst

Worse: Michael O’Hanlon

Worser: Lou Dobbs

Worst: Billy Crystal


President Bush Addresses FISA Legislation (video)