Bill Moyers Journal: Government Oversight + Rick Karr on Government Secrecy

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Bill Moyers Journal
March 14, 2008

Undoubtedly, the daily grind of congressional hearings passes by most Americans unremarked and probably unseen. Only the most high-profile will make the evening news. But they are the very stuff of government.

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL looks back at a years-worth of hearings held by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, the investigative arm of the House, and speaks with the Committee Chair, Representative Henry Waxman, about the Committee’s role in the government:

“It’s almost like having a policeman on the beat. If no one thinks they’re being watched and being held accountable, they think they can get away with anything.”

Video link and transcript Part 1

Video link and transcript Part 2

Rick Karr on Government Secrecy

Are muckrakers and whistleblowers facing insurmountable odds?

Video link and transcript

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