Tibetan monks lead protests against China + Tibet riots (vids)

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Beijing has set a deadline of Monday for demonstrators in Tibet to surrender. Chinese officials say the violence in the last few days has left ten people dead. But exiled Tibetan leaders put the death toll at a hundred and claim many more protestors have been injured.


Tibet riots -15 March 08


The uprising that began in Lhasa is now reported to have killed at least 10 people. China has poured military onto the streets of the Tibetan capital and more details are starting to emerge about the situation. Al Jazeera’s Dorsa Jabaari pieces together the story so far.



Mar 15, 2008

At least 100 killed in Tibet unrest: Reports: Unconfirmed sources claim that at least 100 people have been killed in Tibet where the situation continues to spiral out of control after the Chinese crackdown on Tibetan protestors on the 49th anniversary of their uprising against Chinese rule.

China gives Tibetan protesters surrender ultimatum: Saturday: 10 “innocent civilians” had been shot or burned to death in the street clashes in the remote, mountain capital which has been sealed off.

Fears and tears in holy plateau city wracked by turmoil: Dense smoke blanketed the cloud dotted blue sky, burning wreckages emitted an irritating smell and hundreds wailed over the bloodshed. A Tibetan teacher said she couldn’t believe her eyes.

India breaks silence, calls for talks on Tibet: As Lhasa burned and Tibetans protested in places as diverse as Sydney and Delhi, New Delhi broke its informal taboo about China and Tibet by prescribing that Beijing should open lines of dialogue to resolve the crisis in Tibet.

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