The Total Collapse Of The Global Economy (video)

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There’s good news and bad news…

Good news is thanks to the massive wealth of information
the internet provides, we can now have a glimpse into the near future, so those of us with perception, can adequately prepare for the bad news.

and the bad news is…there is absolutely no avoiding this unprecedented economic downturn.
I hope people will heed these warnings.

History shows it’s those who giggled and snickered that ended up a statistic.

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9 thoughts on “The Total Collapse Of The Global Economy (video)

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  3. Dandi,
    All permeditated b/s.
    They’re here to help, to provide Food, water, safety. Na, to protect the Insurance Co.’s and the Distributor’s of food($) and water (?)?
    Safety, well, you’re under detention, how safe ya want to be ?

    Evict all Incumbents in ’08
    a Third Party, then Investigate.

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  6. Hi it’s the author of the video..I want to thank you for posting the videos I make, you’ve been a great help

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