Winter Soldiers Testimony (videos)

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Winter Soldiers: Clifton Hicks and Steven Casey

Hicks and Casey: Indiscriminate killings in Iraq

Winter Soldier: An Iraqi perspective

Iraqi journalist Salam Talib describes the divide between the American and Iraqi perspective of the war

Sunday March 16th, 2008

Salam Talib is an Iraqi citizen. He worked as a translator for US journalists after the war and started reporting from Iraq himself in 2005. He recently moved to San Francisco to study computer engineering.

Winter Soldier: Steve Mortillo

Mortillo: War distorts soldiers’ humanity

Winter Soldier: Adam Kokesh

Kokesh: On rules of engagement

Winter Soldier: Captain Luis Montalvan

Captain Luis Montalvan on the media, propaganda and uncovering the whole story in Iraq


US/IRAQ: Rules of Engagement “Thrown Out the Window” by Dahr Jamail

Winter soldier testimonials + Hart Viges (videos)