Hillary Clinton Delivers Major Speech About Iraq

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March 17, 2008

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Obama Claims He Opposed Occupation While Funding It, Doesn’t Want to Withdraw Fast

7 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Delivers Major Speech About Iraq

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  3. Yeah, I don’t usually cover Clinton or Obama except for when Olbermann does, but thought we should know what she was saying about this topic (Iraq).

    Thanks for the compliment, too, much appreciated. 🙂

  4. I know you do. That’s why I beeline to this blog for comfort.

    It’s my favorite.

    I don’t expect public policy to be easy, I don’t think the “drift” foreign affairs and the intel community mess made will be easy to handle . I expect to just keep hacking away. but I do wish just for one day we didn’t have to listen to the bs and we could just change the channel.

    She made such a hash of everything .. and I wish she would just shut UP.

    Thanks for the reply, though. I guess misery loves company.

  5. Wanna bet FACT CHECK climbs all over this?

    What a load!

    How’s she gonna clean up the mess she endorsed in Kosova? NATO is about to crumble (RAH!) after the Clinton’s deccimated Europe with the lies and power manipulations.

    I just love how withdrawal from Irak in these chickenhawks minds is always some “other time”. Not NOW, so innocent lives may be saved . not so the US can follow GENEVA as it should – but some other year .. AFTER the US government has juiced out the entire area and proven it OWNS THE WORLD.

    Would someone just turn off this horrible, deceptive and genocidal movie that has gone on for FAR TOO LONG.

    Didn’t this speech end with the line ..

    “And now, suckers, send me another cheque!! All of the arms profiteers and Wall Street assholes do, why not YOU??”

    This whole thing makes me SIGH.

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