Silent Scream: Anguish Grows in the Terror War’s Forgotten Victim by Chris Floyd

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by Chris Floyd
Empire Burlesque
Thursday, 13 March 2008

With each passing week, anguish and atrocity are deepening in Somalia, the third “regime change” target of George Bush’s Terror War. Thousands of innocent people have been killed and a million have been driven from their homes by an Ethiopian invasion backed, funded and armed by the Bush Administration, which has also intervened directly with air strikes, naval shelling, renditions of fleeing refugees (including U.S. citizens) to Ethiopia’s notorious prisons and, on at least one occasion, with a U.S. death squad sent in after an airstrike with orders to “kill anyone left alive.”

This week, both the International Red Cross and UN officials issued dire assessments of the “dramatically” deteriorating situation. Hundreds of thousands of refugees are surviving on “something less than one meal a day,” the Red Cross reports. Food and water shortages are now “life-threatening” in several regions across the country. Violent conflict with insurgents – and brutal “counterinsurgency” measures by the Ethiopian invaders and the “transitional government” – are intensifying, sending thousands more fleeing into the already stripped and overburdened countryside. Hospitals in the capital of Mogadishu are overflowing with wounded civilians, while there is little or no treatment for multitudes in other regions, where conflict and disease are spreading rapidly. Six humanitarian workers have been killed in Somalia in this year alone; only 2,000 are working there now –while there are 12,000 in Darfur, as Reuters notes. “I truly believe this is the worst humanitarian crisis on the continent, possibly in the world,” says Phillipe Lazzarini, the UN humanitarian chief for Somalia.


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4 thoughts on “Silent Scream: Anguish Grows in the Terror War’s Forgotten Victim by Chris Floyd

  1. Somalia has long been forgotten by the world, and the deaths and displacement of thousands of people means little to the oil-hungry America!

    They bomb entire villagers and their Nomadic settlers in search for a ‘known terrorist’ and end up killing cattle!

  2. One more example of how US Imperialism has everything to do with oil and nothing to do with Democracy or human rights.

  3. Another case of what is our oil doing under your ground. It is only logical if the US owns the world. Currently they think they do, but Wall Street economics may have a rude awakening in store.

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