Olbermann: Obama’s Race Speech + The Audacity of Unity + Love, American Style + Worst + Bushed!

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March 18, 2008

Obama’s Race Speech

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Rachel Maddow and Eugene Robinson join Keith Olbermann to discuss Barack Obama’s landmark speech on race.


The Audacity of Unity

Keith speaks with Howard Fineman.

The Audacity of Unity: The dirty little secret of politics, is that those who cover it, dream one day of hearing a speech so significant and so material that it — and they — transcend politics. Our fourth story on the Countdown: put your thesorauses away… since Abraham Lincoln sat down at Gettysburg in 1864, there have been precious few of them, and Barack Obama’s today, was almost certainly not one of them. But as a political speech — and as to its political impact — this was a whopper. And look carefully. If it hadn’t occurred to you already…This may have also been… an audition.

Love, American Style

Keith speaks with Michael Musto.

The Luv Guvs: Three present or former Governors…A singing prostitute…And a menage-a-trois that was dubbed “The Friday Night Special”… My producers say… “Number One Story!” I say… “Stories My Producers Are Forcing Me To Cover.” And oh yeah, trysts at a Days Inn… Could be worse, could be Motel 6… we’ll leave the light on for you.


World’s Worst

Keith Olbermann

Rupert Murdoch.

John McCain


Heckuva Job Paulsonie-Gate




Why the Bush Admin “Watergated” Eliot Spitzer by F. William Engdahl

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