Al Jazeera’s ‘The War In America’ (videos; Iraq)

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Five years on from the start of the war in Iraq Al Jazeera visited the USA to guage public mood towards the conflict.

In a special four part documentary we talked to, among others, grieving mothers, politicians and the man widely regarded as coining the phrase “axis of evil”, who still supports the war.


It’s March 19 and Blogswarm Day! Posts on Iraq War by Lo

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  3. Since OIF kicked off, I have spent part of every year in my “home away from home.” Some of my tours have been long and some have been short. Every year, though, I devoted time away from home, away from my wife, and away from my three kids, to fight. I fought on the ground and I fought in the air. I have seen friends killed and I have buried some of my best friends. I have never asked why. I know what I fight for. I guess it clear to me what I am here for. I am here to make a difference—ever how small it may be.
    I look forward to the future and I know I will deploy again. The danger is not a question. If I cross outside the perceived protection of a Forward Operating Base, I know I will face the enemy. I know, it all sounds like a cliché. But I keep on. My helicopter has been shot out from under me and I have watched men die protecting me. Is that what keeps me going? That’s not it. I feel guilt for the ones that have passed before me. But, they do inspire me.
    I have listened to others expound on what they think is right. I have listened to what others think they deserve for what they do. In the end, I do not get it. Many express their feelings on what is owed to them for their sacrifices. I cannot count how many times I have heard how we should invoke a since of selfless patriotism in our soldiers, but in the same breath ask for a handout for ourselves. I do not get it.
    I guess I might be a member of small minority that honestly loves what I do. Self-admittedly, I do have a pretty cool job. All things considered, I guess that does help, but I do not think its what keep me going.
    I grew up an Army brat. You could say that the Army is the only life I have ever known. My father retired after 27 years in the Army. He served in Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, and Desert Storm. My Grandfather was part of the greatest generation. He served in the Solomon’s and fought all the way to Okinawa. Why did they serve? Did they ask for handouts? The answer is “no!” And I do not either. Maybe it’s because how I was raised.
    I fight for what I think is right. Regardless to what you think about how this war started, it started. I believe in what I do and what I influence in the Global War on Terror. Yes, I fight so others do not have to. Yes, I fight for what I feel is right. Why? Because I feel in my heart of hearts that good will triumph over evil. I do not have unrealistic expectations of how long this battle will last. I am in it for the duration.
    So…I submit, do not be jealous of someone’s monetary bonus. The Army has taken care of my family and has taken care of me. I think if you look beyond your selfishness, you will see the same thing. I feel like I already have a bonus. I have been awarded the opportunity to serve my country, to defend liberty, to protect others, and to rid this world of even just a little bit of evil. I am proud of who I am and what I have done. I pray that I have done it right and am deserving of the sacrifice that others have made for me.

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