It’s March 19 and Blogswarm Day! Posts on Iraq War by Lo

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blogswarm March 19, 2008

It’s March 19 and Blogswarm Day! Here is a list of my posts on Iraq in the last few days. I’ll add more throughout the day today since I post on Iraq almost every day. Hopefully some good video coverage of the mass protest in Washington, DC today will be posted. ~ Lo

All Iraq posts: Iraq on Dandelion Salad

March 23 posts:

U.S. death toll in Iraq reaches 4,000 + 8 US soldiers & dozens of Iraqis killed in weekend violence

Give Nader Just 10 Minutes (video)

‘Shock & Awe’ Five Years On by Michael Faulkner

Big Media in Seattle Gets Dressed Down! (video)

Iraq: Five Years of Genocide by Zuheir Kseibati

March 22 posts:

Aaron Glantz: How America Lost Iraq (video)

Dinner With Ahmed By Scott Ritter

It’s the End of the World as We know it #30

Bunny Wars at Easter! (video)

Lies and Torture by Eric Margolis

“Today, I weep for my country” by Sen. Robert Byrd

Bill Moyers Journal: Body of War: Donahue & Spiro (videos)

Winter Soldier: The real face of war (video)

Mosaic News – 3/20/08: World News from the Middle East

March 21 posts:

Recruitment Center in Seattle shut down! (video)

Dreams of reaching Europe grind to a halt in Beirut ghetto

Bearing Witness (video link; over 18 only)

80,000 Angry Men. Is the US Surge collapsing? (video)

The woman who nearly stopped the war

Dispatches: Iraq – The Betrayal (link)

March 18, 19, 20 Anti-War Protests – 5 Year Anniversary (link to Guinea’s blog post with lots of photos and videos)

No Torture, No Exceptions (video)

Rick Burnley Poem’s “To Impeach or Not to Impeach” (video)

Funk The War Pepper Sprayed in Portland (videos)

The Lies That Led to War (video link; 2007)

We Interrupt This Empire (video link; 2003)

Disturbing the war, not the peace (video; San Francisco) (note: video replaced; sound fixed)

March 20 posts:

AP president: US arrests journalist in Iraq to ‘control’ information

‘We live in a nightmare. Death and carnage is everywhere’ Ali, Baghdad resident

Mosaic News 3/19/08 – World News from the Middle East

War Resisters Block IRS HQ, 31 arrested

Blocking Streets at American Petroleum Institute (videos)

The only lesson we ever learn is that we never learn By Robert Fisk

Five Years of Bushco’s Hell on Earth

Dennis Kucinich at the Winter Soldier Event

Iraq War Protesters Take to the Streets

March 19 posts:

Protest photos by Flickr photographers

Photos from March 18-19 in DC

Adam Kokesh Demands Impeachment in Washington, DC (video)

Olbermann: Iraq War: Nothing to See Here

Anti-War protesters march through Mission District + photos (link)

Why Are Winter Soldiers Not News?

Iraq War as War Crime By Robert, Sam & Nat Parry

Mosaic News – 3/18/08: World News from the Middle East

Six Questions for Aram Roston – Author of ‘The Man Who Pushed America to War’

Iraq Foreign Minister Calls British Troops Back Into Basra By Liam Bailey

Kucinich: Ending the war. Rescuing our nation. (video)

Breaking Ranks (video; 2006)

Al Jazeera’s ‘The War In America’ (videos; Iraq)

Winter Soldiers tell their story + Winter Soldier then & now

‘My wife said I had to stop the jihad. I divorced her. Fighting was my duty’

Tomgram: Greg Mitchell, Getting It Right on Iraq By Tom Engelhardt

March 18 posts:

How to Destroy a Country & Get Off Scot-Free By Linda Heard

The Collapse of American Power By Paul Craig Roberts

Mosaic News – 3/17/08: World News from the Middle East

Baghdad: City of walls + Death, destruction & fear + Shabby, tired & scared

Iraq Year Six and You + The Day After the Bombing of Iran by David Swanson (videos)

Scahill: Clinton vs Obama on Blackwater (video)

March 17 posts:

Obama Claims He Opposed Occupation While Funding It, Doesn’t Want to Withdraw Fast

FAIR: No Antiwar Voices in NYT ‘Debate’

Hillary Clinton Delivers Major Speech About Iraq

We Own The World By Noam Chomsky

Winter Soldier Posts:

Russian TV covers Winter Soldier (video)

Winter Soldier: The real face of war (video)

Winter Soldier 1971 Clip + Soldiers Testify About the Horrors of War (videos)

Winter Soldier: Jesse Hamilton + Fight to Survive (videos)

BBC Coverage of Winter Soldier

Winter Soldiers Testimony (videos)

Iraq war veterans accuse US military of coverups (videos)

US/IRAQ: Rules of Engagement “Thrown Out the Window” by Dahr Jamail

Winter soldier testimonials + Hart Viges (videos)

March 19 Protest:

Anti-War Protest meets IRS protest at headquarters DC 03.19.08 + videos

Take Action against the war March 19th, 2008 (video)

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