Ralph Nader: Countdown (video)

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Jorge Salazar

Guerilla News Network – GNN video scratches to AdRock’s Nader remix

For those of you not interested in ringing in Dubya’s ill-gotten presidency with the musical stylings of Ricky Martin and 98 Degrees, GNN offers an alternative: a Guerrilla News Video cut to “Countdown,” Beastie Boy Ad Rock’s remix of Green Party Presidential candidate Ralph Nader’s blistering critique of the news media and the current state of American politics.

The video features GNN’s innovative video-scratching technique, cut with footage from the Battle of Seattle, nightly news broadcasts and Mr. Nader’s addresses at the Green Party National Convention and the NAACP.

Director: Stephen Marshall
Producer: Ian Inaba, Anthony Lappe and Josh Shore

2 thoughts on “Ralph Nader: Countdown (video)

  1. outsider222, get educated on Nader’s platform, please.

    Name calling is NOT necessary! How about some proof for your statement about his funding? And ask yourself why do Republicans donate to Nader’s campaign? It’s called politics. It’s not that they endorse him but want him to take votes from the Democratic nominee. Very similar to cross-over voters in primaries. Ohio and Texas Republicans crossed over to vote for Clinton in their primaries this year.

    Ralph Nader is my hero!!!

  2. OMG…please Not Nader again!!!

    All of his campaign contributions come from the Bush camp.

    This guy’s got to be Satan…

    Come on, folks, get real.

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