Rice to Obama: Sorry for passport breach (videos) (updated)

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Updated: Mar 22, 2008 added State Dept video and links to stories from CLG.

Story here: Rice to Obama: Sorry for passport breach

Story here: Ex-Inspector General: ‘Nefarious political purpose’ behind Obama passport file breach?

Updated: Mar 22, 2008

State Dept. Addresses Campaign Passport File Breaches


State Department spokesman Sean McCormack, March 21, 2008



Breaking: CLG exclusively broke the news of Stanley’s possible involvement early this morning and this afternoon. 21 March 2008

Passport scandal leads to Virginia contractor, Stanley 21 Mar 2008 Two of the government contractors who allegedly took a peek at Sen. Barack Obama’s passport records worked for a Virginia-based firm called Stanley, Inc., according to U.S. government officials with knowledge of the State Department passport controversy. Stanley, Inc., is headquartered in Arlington, Va. The State Department awarded it a contract for $164 million in 2006. The contract called for Stanley to print and mail millions of new U.S. passports.

2 Fired in Passport Case With Va. Firm 21 Mar 2008 The Associated Press has learned [CLG reported it first] that the two contractors fired for snooping into Barack Obama’s passport records worked for a Virginia-based company called Stanley Inc. Earlier this week, the 3,500-person company won a five-year, $570-million contract to support passport services at the State Department.

Stanley Awarded $570 Million Contract to Continue Support of Passport ProgramOver 15-Year History of Providing Passport Services Continues 17 Mar 2008 Stanley, Inc., a leading provider of systems integration and professional services to the U.S. federal government, today announced that it was awarded a five-year, $570 million contract to continue support of the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs/Passport Services Directorate. Services include production, operational and business process support training, procurement, administration and evaluation of critical supplies, and facilities management support at the four Passport Centers and 14 Passport Agencies nationwide along with the Headquarters’ support offices.

What does Stanley do for the Government? (justiceatstanley.org) All of Stanley’s revenue (sales) comes from contracting with various agencies within the federal government. As of March 31, 2007, Stanley had two-hundred contracts with forty federal agencies, including Defense, State, Homeland Security, Health & Human Services, Treasury, NASA, and Justice. The Department of Defense is Stanley’s largest customer overall, but its single biggest contract is with the State Department for the provision of passport processing and support services.


State Department refuses to release name of passport contractor

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