The Role of the CIA: Behind the Dalai Lama’s Holy Cloak (2007) (article removed)

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Risky Geopolitical Game: Washington Plays ‘Tibet Roulette’ with China by F. William Engdahl

Note: due to copyright issues, this article has been removed from here and Global Research, please read the comments below. ~ Lo

by Michael Backman
Global Research, March 23, 2008 – 2007-05-23

Global Research Editor’s note

This incisive article by Michael Backman outlines the relationship of the Dalai Lama and his organization to US intelligence.

The Dalai Lama has been on the CIA payroll since the late 1950s. He is an instrument of US intelligence.

An understanding of this longstanding relationship to the CIA is essential, particuarly in the light of recent events. In all likelihood US intelligence was behind the protest movement, organized to occur a few months prior to the Beijing Olympic games. — M. C. 23 March 2008

[Article removed]


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28 thoughts on “The Role of the CIA: Behind the Dalai Lama’s Holy Cloak (2007) (article removed)

  1. But how do I know what is truly propaganda and what isn’t? All I can do is post from trusted websites, which I have done. I can’t verify the links that people send in their comments, though. Many times I’ve edited comments (taken out links) because of that reason.

    I think there’s more to this story than what the Western media is presenting. Do you trust CNN?

  2. Lo, that wasn’t my point. People who disagree is one thing, actually encouraging organised PRC propaganda is another. Allowing yourself to be a conduit for this guff demeans your site.

  3. Clearly in the last few days ethnic Tibetans have been killed by the Chinese military. This has been widely reported.
    once again, it is about the percentage and if these Tibetan committed crimes before they were KILLED? and clearly they did, and threatened other people’s life (both Fellow Tibetans and Han chinese), in this case, they deserved to be killed by the policeman, although i doubted if they were really killed or just a faked news? what i’ve heard is that several security persons were killed by the rioting Tibetans

  4. Paul, on April 3rd, 2008 at 2:58 pm Said:

    Taiyuan, I have spoken to quite a few Tibetans who were beaten, imprisoned and tortured, and that was a LONG time before the current slaughter by Chinese forces.
    Paul, can you tell me how many percentage of Tibetans were beaten, imprisoned and tortured? if the percentage is pretty small, and they were imprisoned simply because they committed some kinds of crimes, i don’t think it is a problem of China govt, it is the problem in these Tibetans own behavior.
    If these Tibetans didn’t do illegal things, they would not be imprisoned. And can any country allow the criminal to be on the run and not hold them in custody?

  5. Paul, one must always keep an open mind, i supported free tibet, but it recent time, i ve changed to less extreme view,

    1) the chinese are NO angels yes they did torture and kill tibets but not according to the number the exile government printed, they are clearly wrong.

    2) there are simply too many evidence, that are western based and information that are Tibet was part of china, look at atlas from European explorer they clearly labeled tibet as china, those cant possible be from the PCR propaganda. two study your history before the Chinese took over, you’ll be well surprised by the amount of writing by western historian of tibet before china, it no lovely picture of happy people.

    Friendly Feudalism: The Tibet Myth by Dr. Michael Parenti (01.02.07)

    or simply type Feudalism tibet into goggle.

    3) have you talked to some whom been to tibet? how come every been to tibet, normal people traveler not politicians has said they are surprised at how well or good tibet is?

    i doubt these people went to communist schools and got their educations there

    my view is that TIbet need improvement of human right and no more repression but independent tibet is not possible, cause the argue of tibet is part of china evidence far out weighs the tibetan independence.

  6. Hui, I realise that it is a greatly frustrating for PRC thugs that Tibetans and their supporters are every bit as “stubborn” as they are. Your “facts” are a ridiculous joke.

  7. “The PRC are paying huge armies of people to flood ‘blogs and forums like this with distorted stories and videos, disingenuous comments and other stuff.”

    good lord, you are stubborn, I guess some people just can’t be persuaded by facts. Have you been to Tibet? Have you talked to Tibetans who are actually living there now?
    To some people China is an abstract idea full of crap, not a country of 1.2 billion people who lead very different lives.
    I can’t say for this Dalai Lama, but do previous Dalai lamas and the aristocracies rule the people like slaves? No doubt about it.

  8. You’re right Lo as usual. It’s good post to illustrate how subtly the argument is being distorted sometimes. All the stuff about the Dalai Lama being a nazi who eats the hearts of small children is obviously ridiculous to all but the incredibly stupid. However these kinds of subtle distortions are much more insidious. The PRC are paying huge armies of people to flood ‘blogs and forums like this with distorted stories and videos, disingenuous comments and other stuff. Meanwhile, ordinary Tibetans are being are being blocked, imprisoned and even tortured if they attempt to put their side of the story.

  9. I would normally just delete this post since I did remove the article, but I kept it because the comments were so good and informative. Again many thanks, Paul.

    I like the saying, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” Violence and oppression against ANY group of people is wrong.

  10. No problem Lo!

    This current PRC disinformation campaign is persuading quite a few poorly informed “westerners” to join them in kicking Tibetans in the teeth when they most need help. Similar techniques were used to devalue the Jewish cause in the western media of the 1930s. It’s vile and people shouldn’t fall for it.

  11. Further to my comments about the ongoing Chinese smear campaign against the Dalai Lama. This is message from the writer of the above piece, Michael Backman about how his article has been edited, distorted and recirculated without his consent.

    “The Dalai Lama & Tibet

    It has come to my attention that an old Age newspaper column of mine which looked at some aspects of the Dalai Lama has recently been posted on a website operated by something called the Centre for Research on Globalization.

    This is not an organisation that I support or indeed had heard of until now. My permission was not sought to reproduce my column and therefore this represents a breach of copyright.

    That my column should be posted on this site now with the current troubles in Tibet suggests that the owners of the site are in some way linked to the government of mainland China.

    An introduction that has been added as a prelude to my column again without my knowledge or consent claims that the Dalai Lama is on the CIA’s payroll. This is NOT what I said in the piece. To my knowledge the Dalai Lama does not receive CIA funding. He did receive such funding in the early 1970s and before however, something which I understand the Dalai Lama has publicly acknowledged.

    To provide some background to what I wrote and why, the column was written to coincide with his visit to Australia last year. It was written to counterbalance the huge, uncritical media coverage then given to the Dalai Lama in the Australian media. It was written as a small way to balance up the overall coverage at that time, and needs to be seen in that context.

    I am neither a supporter nor a critic necessarily of the Dalai Lama. What I do support is public debate. I have
    always felt that the coverage accorded to the Dalai Lama in the Western media has been excessively favorable and uncritical – just as the media coverage in China of the Dalai Lama is appallingly biased but in the negative.

    Clearly in the last few days ethnic Tibetans have been killed by the Chinese military. This has been widely reported.

    But it is also clear that ethnic Chinese have been murdered by ethnic Tibetans in racially based attacks. This has not been made as clear in the Western media. And yet, the Western media was rightly appalled in 1998 when ethnic Chinese were raped and murdered in Jakarta for similar reasons – perceived excessive economic control at the expense of non-Chinese locals.

    The apparent swamping of Tibetan culture by Han Chinese migrants is a tragedy. But the killing of ethnic Chinese small business people is also wrong and no doubt one of the reasons why the Dalai Lama has threatened to resign.

    But again, the treatment of this seems to suggest that the Western media does have its own particular bias when it comes to reporting on Tibet. Unfortunately this blunts any criticism that can be made of China when it comes to its own propagandising.

    It needs to be appreciated that unequivocal ‘right’ does not reside on either side. My original column was written to show that no matter how admirable the Dalai Lama might be, this does not make him perfect and most particularly, it does not make him beyond scrutiny. It is not enough to claim that the western media is better than China’s. We must show that it is by considering and debating all possibilities and points of view.”

    Michael Backman
    March 24, 2008

  12. Hi Paul,

    Please watch YouTube below: (His Holiness DALAI LAMA PART I ) (His Holiness Dalai Lama Part II)….etc.

    Or just google using keywords “Dalai Lama” and “lier” and you will find more information, both on him and on Tibet over time.

    Hope you enjoy it!!! If after watching them you still hold your position without even budging a little bit, then congratulations.

    I do not deny that China has a lot left to do in terms of human rights and so on. But please consider its developmental stage and populations size. It took the western world hundreds of years to reach the present stage after slavery in the United States, maltreatment of native people, and Nazis in Germany, etc. Western countries do not have the legitimacy to point fingers because they can hardly cover their butt. China is making progress if you can view it in a longitudinal way. Please do not cut cross-sections and make judgement. China is not comparable to the developed world that way at present. They will make improvement and make your judgement irrelevant sooner than you can predict.

    No More arguement with you. Please do not take my opinion personally.

  13. Taiyuan, I have spoken to quite a few Tibetans who were beaten, imprisoned and tortured, and that was a LONG time before the current slaughter by Chinese forces. It was in India in 1999 and before that in the UK. Some of them had lost relatives in the vicious repression too. They were so desperate to leave their own stolen country that they risked their lives in the hard trek to get out. I also know that forced sterilisation, forced evictions and rape are common. Is this what you call “love toward Tibetans?” I have have also spoken with Chinese who have told me exactly what is happening, both inside Tibet and inside China.

  14. This comments is for Paul who wrote the following message:

    “so let us talk and make amends”? Wang, with all due respect, China couldn’t possibly make amends for the crimes it has committed in Tibet since 1950.”

    My comments follows:

    I do not agree with you with respect. FIRST OF ALL, CHINA DID NOT COMIT CRIMES IN TIBET, DALAI LAMA AND HIS GROUP DID. You can find this by just googling while trying to be neutral on this matter. Admittedly, China did something bad in the cultural revolution to Tibetan people. However, this is not true for Tibet. This whole of China was affected. So it not a ethnic problem. It should be considered in a global political macro-environment.

    Secondly, your logic is not tenable. According to your logic, there is no need for reconciliation in the world at all. Americans could not possibly make amends for the crimes it has committed to the Indians, Germany could not possibly make amends for the crime it has comitted to the Jews. What about crimes in Iraq??? There are more civilians killed on a daily basis than the total number killed by Tibetan mobs recently.

    Thirdly, Western media systematically distorted the news feeds to the Western people and as a result the majority of Chinese (either in mainland China or overseas) do not believe Western media in general. It is a loss of credibility hard earned in the past since 1989. Please visit for more information.

    In fact, Wang’s opinion is the majority opiniion in China (I am also a Wang, do not get confused). You may dislike this fact but it is true. We Chinese regard Tibetans deep in our hearts as our brethrens and sisters. Western world cannot save Tibet, only we Chinese and Chinese Tibetans can solve this problem. We do not count on the outside world as our savior. Only love can solve problems and we have love toward Tibetans. Tibetan bros and sisters, please love us too. You will understand us sooner or later.

    Finally, I recommend that any Western people who care or want to know about Tibet read books about Tibet before making any comments. For example, you can read Dalai Lama’s books about his involvement with CIA. Dalai Lama is not a peaceful person as he painted himself. The monks he represents is not peaceful either. The present Dalai Lama is a different person when compared with the person who fled China. People know that he will get reincarnated after his death, but people do not know he already, and frequently, ‘reincarnated’ himself many times in his present life. Only is a chameleon can be his parallel.

    By the way, Paul, I do not hate you in person. After all, you are free to have you opinion. But an biased opinion is farther away from truth than ignorance. Backman’s article, though short, is the best article on Tibet I can find on the internet recently…

    I am very sorry if I offended you one way or another.

  15. “so let us talk and make amends”?

    Wang, with all due respect, China couldn’t possibly make amends for the crimes it has committed in Tibet since 1950.

  16. I am Chinese, I didn’t know about the CIA story of Dalai until yesterday, as I want to assure I got the right information, I browsed the web and find your site.

    I don’t hate the Tibetans. I don’t hate the Dalai Lama. I am for religious freedom and respect before the culture heritage. But the Europeans are full of prejudices. They combine Dalai Lama with Wellness and so they won’t like to believe the CIA-story. I mainly find American websites telling this story, including a story of New York Times of the year 1999.

    By the way, we Chinese look upon the Tibetans as our brothers and sisters. I am really hurt as I saw the exile Tibetans in the street in Europe holding banners saying: “Go out you Chinese”. I was never in Tibet and I don’t plan to go there. The Chinese know that the life there is very hard, the earth so barren and the climate so hard. To spend a vacation there, yes, but not to live there for life. If they want the land for themselves alone, so why not. But they forget that many Tibetans are now living in cities in other provinces of China, shall we expel them back to Tibet? I don’t know. China is a multinational country , like the U.S.A. and we want to live with each other in peace. If we Han-Chinese ever did wrongs to other nationalities, so let us talk and make amends, but why such racialist and nationalist actions against members of another nationality? I don’t understand.

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  18. Killing civilian can never be rationalized, no matter who you are!
    What I see about the riot is only terrorism. Just like the Planes crashed in Twintower. The only difference is there is no Twintower in Lahsa.

    Religion can always cause abusement and war.

    This happened when Christian came to America 400 years ago. This happened in 13th Century against Muslim in small Asia. This happened in second world war by Hitler, abuse the hatress of Christian against Jude. This happend in 2001. This happened today in Irak.

    And now it happens in Tibet. CIA as a information agent has done an excellent job there. Just like in 1975 in Chile, 2000 in Yogoslavia, 2003 in Irak. God bless CIA

  19. Bush the Manchurian candidate has deliberately laid the country low.
    Bush delivered a one two punch. First he sold out our energy
    independence to Saudi Arabia. Second he got us in to a protracted
    and costly and needless war which necessitated our selling debt
    to China. On top of all tha Bush created the largest entitlement
    program in history. He has been pissing away our money, our
    freedoms and our sovereignty. Even though we were attacked
    on Sept 11th by Saudis, Osama is Saudi, and the homicide bombers
    in Iraq are Saudis, Bush’s only response is to get on his
    knees and beg the Saudi princes to have mercy. And now that
    China is brutalizing Tibet, Bush who was so quick to
    criticize a worthless dictator in Iraq and begin a war
    over things such has Hussein’s civil right record, is
    scared crapless to say “boo” to China. Why? Well the
    fall of Bear Stearn nearly toppled the economy. If we threatened
    to boycott the Olympics over Tibet, China could threaten to
    call in all their markers on our debt. There would
    literally be a run on the bank as other nations followed the
    Chinese lead, and we would have the great depression. In
    my personal opinion Bush and Cheney can assert Mission
    Accomplished in two areas. One: their oil and corporate
    buddies have record profits. Two: the foreign masters
    who have purchased Bush and Cheney’s souls have the US on the brink
    of ruin. Heckuva job W. In my opinion.

  20. The CIA funded a ton of anti-communist groups in response to the sudden “loss” of China to Mao.
    I don’t doubt they take CIA money but the Chinese rapid infusion of commerce and ‘settlers’ smacks of Israel-like strategy.

    The Tibetan rage at China I think is genuine and perhaps is seperate from the Dali Lama.
    It looks a lot like the LA riots to me. Grounded on decades of victimization.

    Young Tibetans don’t seem to be looking to the Dali Lama for marching orders.

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