Was Rev. Wright wrong? (video)

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Church member Prof. Dwight Hopkins on Obama’s rebuke of Rev. Wright.


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8 thoughts on “Was Rev. Wright wrong? (video)

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  6. There’s one thing to get clear here:
    Reverend Wright is RIGHT.

    It was a great sermon. I could almost get religion (Just leave the bible, mysogeny and everything else about Judeo-Christianity out of it, but keep the passion of the great preachers for peace, truth and justice and we’re on the same page all the way…).

    There is no controversy, there is no scandal, it’s time people with gift of speach speak the truth. It is to Obama’s credit that he followed such a patriot as Rev. Wright.

    It is a shame that Obama should have to refute rev. Wright’s words, when he and i and we all know what he says is exactly correct.

    Goddamn america.
    Especially for mandating that Obama refute his most dramatically correct asset.

    The views expressed by Dr. Wright in his sermon should be popular opinion. The fact that this remains controversy is further evidence that the populace of this nation is fundamentally criminally corrupt and distorted and violently ill.

    Is there available Obamas complete statement about this? I’ve dissociated from mainstream news with such distrust I’m missing this one kernel of news: Obamas refutation in his now ‘famous’ speach. I wanna hear what he has to say, (this being my first time wanting to hear what Obama has to say).

    Thanks as always for publishing the truth.

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