Olbermann: 4,000 & Counting + Iraq The Vote + Worst + Bushed!

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Mar. 24, 2008

4,000 And Counting

Keith speaks with Richard Wolffe.

A Grim Milestone: Which will decide, just how much larger this nightmarish number, will become: 4,000. 4,000 American men and women in uniform, who went to Iraq ,and never came home. All of them — in the vernacular of the White House — seemingly sacrificed not by the Bush Administration for its conflict… but instead somehow having managed to sacrifice…themselves. Our fifth story on the Countdown: A grim milestone is reached… with little accountability… and a galling, repeated, drumbeat today… that they were all volunteers.

Iraq The Vote

Keith speaks with Paul Rieckhoff.

World’s Worst

Worse: Warren Vandeveer

Worser: William Kristol

Worst: Senator McCain & Brit Hume


Coalition Of The Bullied-Gate

Historical Delusion-Gate


Hillary Clinton Misstatement About Sniper Fire

Keith speaks with Jonathan Alter.

To Tell the Tuzla: Breaking news tonight…For the first time, Hillary Clinton herself is calling her claim about landing in Tuzla under sniper fire… a “misstatement”… reversing her past defense of her account, even as she told Will Bunch of the Philadelphia Daily News today this was, quote, “a minor blip.” But in our fourth story tonight, that minor blip… a major point in Clinton’s narrative about herself as a crisis-ready candidate… her own campaign staff earlier today acknowledging only that it was “possible” she misspoke last week about coming under sniper attack so heavy that a 1996 greeting ceremony at the airport at Tuzla in Bosnia, had to be cancelled. That acknowledgment coming after videotape of the ceremony that wasn’t at all cancelled, re-appeared on the internet… and even then, Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson insisted today that she was still, quote, “on the front lines.” Clinton’s war stories first started unraveling when they came under fire from her former comrade-in-arms… Sinbad, the comedian, also on that Tuzla trip.


U.S. death toll in Iraq reaches 4,000 + 8 US soldiers & dozens of Iraqis killed in weekend violence

So? … A Note from Michael Moore (+ video)