Phil Donahue on “shut up and sing” (video)

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Phil Donahue on corporate media and the Iraq war.


Bill Moyers Journal: Body of War: Donahue & Spiro (videos)

Body of War: New Doc Tells the Story of a Paralyzed Iraq War Veteran Coming to Terms with Disability and Speaking Out Against War

8 thoughts on “Phil Donahue on “shut up and sing” (video)

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  3. Hi Paul, cool, I didn’t know his show was aired in the UK, too. He certainly was a “cut above” the other daytime hosts. When I saw his show as a kid it was because my mum was watching his show, then later as an adult I used to watch it. He was a big influence for me growing up. (My mum is British, btw.)

  4. Hi Lo. He was popular in the UK too when they used to have his show on daytime TV over here. He was obviously a cut above the the usual daytime talkshow hosts.

    Regarding what he is saying on this video, he reminds me of what Plato writes in “The Republic”, which was highly influential on people like Josef Goebbels, Leo Strauss and his Neo Conservative disciples etc.

    “They will guard themselves against themselves. We must tell the guardians a noble lie.”

    To question such “noble lies” is unpatriotic.

  5. I watched his show when it was in Ohio back in the 60’s. That’s how I learned about Ralph Nader, among a lot of other people that Donahue had on his show. I watched his show faithfully from childhood through college!

  6. Does Phil Donahue have a site on my space? I see there is an old one but who knows if it is even the real Phil… I would like to thank him on behalf of my family and future family.

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