Was Polonium-210 Being Smuggled for a Dirty Bomb? By Paul Craig Roberts

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By Paul Craig Roberts
March 25, 2008

In the recently published thriller, The Shell Game, Steve Alten weaves a tale of a neoconservative plot to attack Iran. To overcome resistance, a black op group associated with a Republican administration arranges for nuclear devices to be exploded in two American cities, with planted evidence pointing to Iran.

Recent developments make one wonder if fact is following fantasy.

The Bush regime’s propaganda against Iran is going full blast and obviously has a purpose. The foreign press reports that the reason for Cheney’s latest trip abroad is to cajole, threaten, and purchase support for a US attack on Iran.

The Israeli government continues to see an Iranian nuclear weapon on the horizon and to agitate for US action against Iran.

According to John McGlynn in Japan Focus (March 22, 2008), the Bush regime is already attacking Iran with Treasury Department actions to cut off Iran’s banking system from all international banking relationships, thereby preventing Iran from importing and exporting. McGlynn calls the US Treasury’s action a “US declaration of war on Iran.”


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4 thoughts on “Was Polonium-210 Being Smuggled for a Dirty Bomb? By Paul Craig Roberts

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  4. “According to knowledgeable people, Polonium-210 would be useful for a dirty bomb that would do little real damage but would create enough fear and hysteria for the neocons to start another war.”

    If anyone did detonate a so called “dirty bomb”, as well as exploding itself, it would also explode another lie. As Craig Roberts writes himself, a dirty bomb would cause “little damage”, either to people or property. This would also be true of flying a plane into the hugely reinforced containment structure of a nuclear reactor. It’s just another trick to scare people into “getting with the program”.

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