Tibet: China Strikes Back + Tibetan monks embarrass China (videos)

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China launched a propaganda war as the Olympic torch was kindled. Tibetans were shown beating up Han Chinese and looting shops, juxtaposed with picturesque features on Chinese guarantees of freedom for Buddhists. Chinese nationalism has been stoked, but the path of the Olympic torch is already rife with dissent.

SOURCES: TV5, France; Al Jazeera English, Qatar; BBC, U.K.; Fox News and ABC News, U.S.; Asia Today and China Today, China.


Tibetan monks embarrass China


What was supposed to be a carefully organised tour to show the Chinese view on Tibet, has instead turned into an embarrassment.

Buddhist monks disrupted an official news briefing for foreign journalists on Wednesday, accusing Chinese authorities of lying about the situation in Tibet.

And now, Beijing says it is willing to negotiate with Tibet’s spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, but with conditions.


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