Olbermann: Electile Dysfunction + Which Way Out? + Bushed! + Worst

Dandelion Salad


Mar. 27, 2008

Electile Dysfunction

Keith speaks with Dana Milbank.

Nancy Ploy: It was an extremely thinly-veiled threat – sent to the Speaker of the House by 20 wealthy democratic donors…We give your party a lot of money — we support Hillary Clinton – now stop supporting Senator Obama’s contention that superdelegates should follow the votes of the pledged delegates. Our Fourth story on the Countdown — the Clinton campaign knew of the letter, though not letter-by-letter… And the Speaker tells them to shove it. With one caveat.

Which Way Out?

Keith speaks with Jonathan Alter.

McEnomics – The Stupid Economy

Keith speaks with Rachel Maddow.

McEnomics: It’s no longer just the security crisis call at three in the morning. Now, Hillary Clinton is warning about the economic crisis call at three in the morning. Let’s hope the White House has call waiting. In our third story tonight, this time the subject of the senator’s telephonic ridicule was not her Democratic rival… but the Republican nominee. And more over, her stance was almost identical, to Barock Obama’s.



The Surge Didn’t Work-Gate


World’s Worst

Worse: Lee Scott of Walmart

Worser: Senator Lindsey Graham

Worst: Michael Chertoff