Dr Helen Caldicott: The Earth is in the Intensive Care Unit

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This week we devote the entire episode to Dr. Helen Caldicott, one of the founders of Physicians For Social Responsibility (PSR).

In this piece, edited by PepperSpray’s Patricia Boiko, Dr. Caldicott talks of the nuclear issues and the health of the earth from the perspective of a healer/physician.

Dr. Caldicott was in Seattle a few months back and PepperSpray collective members rallied around with her to radio stations and to the Washington meeting of PSR where she was the keynote speaker.

Physicians for Social Responsibility an organization of 23,000 doctors committed to educating their colleagues and the public about the dangers of nuclear power, nuclear weapons and nuclear war.


After being instrumental in the formation of PSR in the US, Dr. Caldecott helped start similar medical organizations in many other countries.

The international umbrella group (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War) won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985.


She also founded the Women’s Action for Nuclear Disarmament, now Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND) in the US in 1980.


Other professions took up the challenge of “social responsibility,” and the 1980s and 90s saw an array of organizations such as Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility, each with their own focus.


Books by Helen Caldicott referenced in the video:

Nuclear Power Is Not the Answer


The New Nuclear Danger: George W. Bush’s Military-Industrial Complex


War in Heaven: The Arms Race in Outer Space


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War in Heaven – The Arms Race in Outer Space

Nuclear Madness – Interview with Dr. Helen Caldicott (must see video)

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  5. Thanks, Paul for the additional debunking for that particular film/program. I posted a couple in a comment above along with the video for those who wish to view it.

  6. TRM, regarding your link about the “Great Global Warming Swindle”, you’re somewhat behind the times as the programme has since been comprehensively discredited by the scientific community. Even some of the participants were furious about the way their contributions were edited and distorted for this piece of delberately misleading polemecist garbage.


    There are many more.

  7. Thanks for the link to this post from your blog, TRM.


    But no, it has nothing to do with our current president. And the name calling is so unnecessary! It diminishes your opinions on this issue. Try facts, and do some research. Read what the scientists are saying about this most important topic. Don’t just bash it for the sake of bashing.

    It’s your world, too. Do you have children? Your bio says you are a father. Ask your kids what they think about the pollution in their world. You may find that they know and have very good opinions on this topic. (assuming that they are at least school age.)

  8. TRM, I believe that there is a “my comments” section on WordPress blogs. You can always check there to keep up with this post’s comments. The RSS feed does show comments from all my posts, but you can scroll down to this post easily.

  9. TRM, please re-read my disclaimer for my blog:

    The views and/or opinions posted on all the blog posts and in the comment sections are of the respective authors, not necessarily those of Dandelion Salad.

    I post news and videos from a lot of different sources, many of which are not seen on corporate (mainstream) media. I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with what I post. It’s information to be considered. My readers can think for themselves, and can also do searches if so inclined to learn more about any particular topic.

    I do not support “our enemies” and don’t know why you think that???

    Al Jazeera writes and uploads videos on a wide range of topics. I tend to post those that have to do with Iraq and/or other countries. I believe that they give a different perspective from our corporate media. Doesn’t make their reporting more valid or less valid.

    Flat earthers? What are you talking about? As I’ve said before I side with the scientists on global warming. Plus it doesn’t make any difference why we have global warming, what does make a difference is all the various pollution we are contributing to it. We must choose alternative fuel sources for the future of our one and only planet.

  10. Oh and for the record, my opinion regarding this ma made warming thing are not drawn from any of the films or articles I have seen or read,,, they are simply common sense, the memory of the global cooling scare when I was a younger man, the money trail involved in the warming cult and an awareness of the earths history….

    study schmudy and film schmilm….

  11. Yeah I have the RSS at the top clicked but it follows all of the comments…. I’m a cherry picker… too much liberalism makes my stomach hurt 🙂

    You are indeed a strange little plant, no wonder whenever I see one of you in the yard I kick it to watch the white things go flying….
    One minute you post al jazeera and appear to support our enemies and then you claim association with “flat earthers” you screwin with me?

    I couldn’t watch all of them but will try later…..

    If I put a post together say, called “The right ask a few questions” would you post it here and maybe I coudl get some answers… I really don’t get the lefty mind….. and it seems everywhere you turn , especially in the media, you ask a yes or no questions and get some line of crap……..

    let me know… I am by no means a smart man but sometimes simpletons like myself make things simple, hence, understandable…

    Where’s my blogroll love damnit! I want my own little space like you have at D=S

  12. Her heart may be in the right place generally but she does make some remarkably ridiculous assertions. Women vote just to please men? Physicians for Social Responsibility ended the Cold War? How delightfully silly and deluded!

  13. Hi TRM, interesting that you found an article written by one of my featured writers, Andrew Marshall. (Obviously, I don’t always agree with my writers.)

    The film has been debunked. Please see:

    Media Altert-Pure Propaganda-the Great Global Warming Swindle-The Scientists Are The Bad Guys

    The Great Global Warming Swindler’s List By Tom Rushing

    Global Warming/Climate changes/Environment

    To follow the comments here, go to the top of my blog and select “Comment RSS”, that should do it.

    Please watch ALL of the videos that I suggested in the previous comment. And NO they are NOT ABC Afterschool productions!

    I stand with the peer-reviewed scientists on this issue. We cannot keep on polluting our little blue planet and have it not affect it.

  14. Dandelion, I love to follow the threads here, is there a way you can put a comment notification function for each thread???

  15. Okay, I’m confused, Sisyphus were you agreeing that global warming is hooey ???

    Elitist liberalism is NOTHING but some form of perverted guilt at being a success….. sickening actually

    And Dandelion, love ya man, but those ABC after school special videos aren’t helping sway any but the simplest of life forms….

  16. “The science doesn’t even back it up.”

    People like this don’t care about science, facts, truth, or reality. What they DO care about very highly is feeling better about themselves, feeling as if they’re contributing to something larger than they are. When your primary mission is feeding your ego and sense of significance, science is irrelevant.

  17. I find it very laughable that this woman claims to have ended the cold war….

    I find it laughable that educated people waste time and money thinking they will ever do away with nukes

    I find it hilarious that Obama thinks he can do anything other than ruin America

    I find it frightening that some don’t understand that the world is an ugly place and to appear weak, invites our destruction.

    I find it ridiculous that she says they hold the “golden key” to ensure life continues on this planet…. pompous? Life will continue no matter what we do or she does…

    Okay, so no nukes, no oil, how do we power ourselves? Why are we the only ones expected to follow these “rules”???

    Global Warming and especially man made global warming is a theory……. how can you so whole heartedly buy into it?

    The science doesn’t even back it up////

    This woman, may be an accomplished “physician” but a complete boob when it comes to a realistic view of how the world works….

    America’s power and standing in the global community is SOLELY BASED ON ITS MIGHT! Who does the world call when someone invades them? Who does the world call when their is some perceived injustice happening?

    Nothing this woman said is truthful.. just my opinion

    Thanks Dandelion

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