EARTH HOUR is Tomorrow Saturday March 29th (video)

Dandelion Salad

March 27, 2008

CBC The National

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3 thoughts on “EARTH HOUR is Tomorrow Saturday March 29th (video)

  1. o/t

    This is extremely important on the day we have the first world-wide “earth hour” .. a concept I heartily disagree with – it’s just a TV moment that misses ROOT CAUSES and defocuses real solutions.

    so I’ve put this together and could have written much more, but hypertiger is quite, quite right about that part of the KlusterfucK so I’ve kept my own comments to a minimum – exc. to put in BOLD LETTERS what the coming soft fascism is to be. I’ve already tried to expose what role Thomas Freidman plays in all this – a couple of months ago.

    As I say, God/Goddess help us all.

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