Bill Moyers Journal: The Kerner Commission – 40 Years Later + Mayor Cory Booker of Newark

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Bill Moyers Journal
March 28, 2008

Barack Obama’s March 18, 2008 speech, “A More Perfect Union,” focused attention issues of race and class in America today. Forty years ago race and class was on the minds of Americans too — when The National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders released its report on the urban riots of 1967. That report, more commonly known as the Kerner Report, with its stark conclusion that “Our nation is moving towards two societies — one white, one black — separate and unequal” — was a best-seller. It was also the source of great controversy and remains so today.

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Mayor Cory Booker of Newark

Newark, New Jersey has often been used to symbolize the very idea of urban blight. Some say Newark never recovered from the 1967 riots when LIFE MAGAZINE featured a dead child on its cover under the headline: “Shooting War in the Streets: Newark, The Predictable Insurrection.” But Newark has a new mayor, Cory Booker, who wants to change the image and the reality of Newark.

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