Interview: Ralph Nader Says We’re Living Under Corporate Fascism (link)

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Ralph Nader, running for President in 2008, sat down with Red Tape Chronicles to talk about the current deplorable state of consumer affairs. The video kicks butt and reminds me why I get up in the morning. Highlights:

On the derailing of the consumer protection movement: Laws aren’t being enforced, not enough prosecutors on the corporate fraud beat.

On the other candidates: Their campaigns are based on law and order. Not one has put the words consumer and protection together in one of their speeches.

On unfair contracts: A common clause now says that the seller has the right to change terms of contract at any time, that’s the end of contract law.

…continued plus Video


Ralph Nader: Giant Corporations Are Dictatorship

Ralph Nader: The Road to Corporate Fascism (must-see video)


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  8. ‘Democracy advocate’ Ralph Nader would get a better and more understandable reception from American voters if he said. “We’re living under a corporatist Empire” than “corporate fascism”.

    Though both statements are true and basically equivalent, most Americans are confused about ‘fascism’ really means, it sounds foreign to them, and it does not ring true to the founding of our own country — which was a fight against the British Empire (including the empire’s military, and the East India Corporation, which was oppressively taxing our tea without representation and against which the Boston Tea Party started the Revolution off.

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