Dir C.I.A Gen Hayden on Torture & Iran’s nuclear program (videos)

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March 30, 2008
NBC Meet The Press


CIA chief says Iran has nuclear weapons drive

3 thoughts on “Dir C.I.A Gen Hayden on Torture & Iran’s nuclear program (videos)

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  3. It is Interesting, and we want to watch, not participate, just watch.
    Besides the Army Feild Manual is for bunch of sissy’s, not tough ghouls in C.I.A. op.’s..
    How sad, to force upon one population, the edicts of another, is just too limiting, besides they have forced edicts on the American citizen.
    Water-Boarding, Don’t ask, Don’t tell, blah, blah, blah.

    Who can buy what this “General Human Being” says ?
    Used car salesmen have more creditability.
    I just wasted 15 minutes of my pitiful little life listening to lies and deny’s.
    Arrest the C.I.A., corrupt from top to bottom.
    Personal opinion.

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