Free Energy – Pentagon Conspiracy to Cover up (video; 2007)

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Stanley Meyer and many others. Always the same story. The Pentagon wants to see your idea and tell you how they would like to use your invention. You demonstrate your device proving to them that it works, then they block all of your efforts and end up killing you. The only way to get a free energy device out to the public is to forget about patents, distribute underground, sell it to EV enthusiasts with the plans and encourage them to travel around and do as you are, you then have created a non interlinked underground distribution system that will spread to the general populous and it will spread like wild fire, it will be un-stoppable.

Help Stop The Suppression Of Inventions…

Added: August 06, 2007

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h/t: Global Research


Free Energy Home Generator – Zero Point Energy – Off the Grid

Invent something good for the world…..and you will die! (Stan Meyers) (video and article)

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