Olbermann: Sadr State of Affairs + Gore More Years? + Worst + Bushed! (9/11)

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Mar. 31, 2008

Sadr State of Affairs

Keith speaks with Sen. Chuck Hagel.

Sadr State of Affairs: Iraq. All quiet on the Western and Eastern Fronts. Unless you count the rockets and guns. Senator Chuck Hagel joins us on that and on the whispers about who might want him, as Vice-President.

Gore More Years?

Keith speaks with Dana Milbank.

The Goracle: Al Gore to save the day? Nah…

World’s Worst

Worse: Walmart

Worser: Ohio Judge Richard Bernat

Worst: Governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell


Iraq & 9/11-Gate


Mukasey Said What-Gate? (9/11)


Iran Brokers Call for Ceasefire; Bush reduced to Irrelevancy in Iraq; Fighting Continues

Iraq In The Balance By Scott Horton (+ video)

Bush’s Legacy Leads to Iran By Heather Wokusch

Sadr orders fighters to stand down

The Smart Way Out of a Foolish War by Zbigniew Brzezinski

The sieges of Basra & Sadr City: another US war crime in Iraq