Israel conducts War Games directed against Iran & Syria

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Global Research, April 1, 2008

Global Research Editor’s Note:

The following report suggests that Israel is on a war footing.

These war games are not defensive in nature as claimed by the Israeli government. These military exercises are part of the broader US-Israeli military agenda in relation to Iran and Syria.


Israel readies largest exercise ever to prepare for Iran-Syria missile war

TEL AVIV — Israel plans to conduct its largest exercise ever to set contingencies for massive missile attacks by Iran and Syria. The government has been preparing for a five-day exercise in April that would simulate conventional and nonconventional missile strikes from Iran, Lebanon and Syria. Officials said the exercise would test emergency response as well as evacuation of cities struck by enemy missiles.

The exercise, scheduled to begin on April 6, has been organized by National Emergency Authority. The authority was established in 2007 as part of recommendations in the aftermath of the Hizbullah war a year earlier, in which 4,500 rockets landed in Israel.

Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilna’i has been responsible for the exercise, meant to integrate efforts by the military, police and emergency services. The exercise also envisioned missile and rocket attacks on southern Israeli cities by the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip.

The exercise would include a simulation conducted by the government. Officials said Prime Minister Ehud Olmert would convene the Cabinet to order a response to the enemy strike.

Officials said the exercise could take place annually amid an assessment that Iran would assemble a nuclear bomb as early as 2009. In 2007, the military halted an effort to replace gas masks distributed in the late 1990s.

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One thought on “Israel conducts War Games directed against Iran & Syria

  1. Israel was humiliated twice by Hizbollah. The Israelis (and their allies) are once again downplaying this fact and are looking for a way to save face.

    Every American president wanted to leave office with a bang! Such arrogance and ignorance is leading us again, to a war based on lies. What else is new! The Israelis think this time a blow to Syria and Iran would weaken Hizbollah permanently. It will be foolish if Israel expects Hizbollah to sit idle on the side lines if Iran was attacked. Any attack on Iran’s nuclear power plant will have ramifications that would affect the whole region, from Israel to Afghanistan. If people don’t die from the nuclear attacks, they will surely die from the aftermath for years to come.

    And all because of one little bloody spot on a map in the Middle East!


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